FAQ For Students

March 18, 2020

  1. Am I still able to come to campus for tutoring services, to use the computer lab and other services?

    Yes, while CCC classes are canceled through spring break, the college remains open and all students support services offices are open and available.

  2. What’s being done to keep the residence halls and classrooms cleaned?

    Custodial staff at the college are increasing cleaning efforts in both our residence halls and classrooms, including high-traffic areas, doorknobs and shared spaces. At all three campuses, classrooms not in use over the next several weeks have been sanitized and access to them is limited.

  3. Can I just move home now?

    For students who wish to return home for spring break, you are welcome to do so at any time. CCC residential halls are open for any student that needs or wants to remain on campus at this time. We encourage students in campus housing to adhere to published personal hygiene and social distancing guidelines to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

  4. Should classes be offered remotely for the remainder of the semester and I choose to move home, will I receive a refund for room and board?

    Yes, for students who move out of residential halls early, due to the current COVID-19 circumstances, CCC will be providing partial/proportionate refunds. CCC student accounts personnel can answer specific questions on refund amounts. 

  5. If I test positive for the coronavirus or believe I have been exposed, who should I tell at CCC?

    While you may share this information with any of our faculty or staff, we encourage you to notify Dr. Beth Przymus, dean of students, via email or submit a CARE report here.

  6. I have never taken an online/remote class before, and I’m nervous about understanding the technology that my instructors may be utilizing. How can I get help with this?

    We understand that you and perhaps several students are nervous about technology. You will receive a message from your faculty member about how to receive assistance. In the meantime, you have access to a course called “Your Guide to CCC.” The course contains multiple resources on how to use the various learning tools that may help ease your concerns.

  7. Will commencement be held as planned?

    No decisions regarding graduation have been made at this time but will be made within the next several weeks. Please stay engaged as decisions may change based on future developments.

  8. I’m worried about how my financial aid might be affected if I’m not able to finish my classes this semester. What should I do?

    First and foremost, complete what you can as online coursework can be completed from the security of your home. If you have concerns about specific courses or the number of courses you can complete, contact the financial aid office at your campus or email Vicki Kucera, area director of financial aid services. Her phone number is 402-461-2414.

  9. Will food service be available if I remain in campus housing?

    Yes, food service will continue at CCC. However, the hours of service and menu options will be adjusted to minimize risks to students and employees.

  10. Will the spring break extension and classes that have been canceled affect my ability to graduate on time?

    CCC’s faculty, staff and administration are working to ensure continuation of courses so that you and your fellow students are able complete your requirements. To ensure your specific situation can be reviewed, please contact your academic advisor to arrange for a review of your records and receive answers to your specific questions.