Inaugural Capital Campaign at Columbus Campus Goes Public

August 26, 2020

Center for Science and TechnologyThe Central Community College Foundation is pleased to announce the public phase of its capital campaign to fund an expansion and remodeling project at CCC-Columbus.

The Center for Science and Technology will offer cutting-edge science and nursing labs and interactive learning spaces featuring state-of-the-art instructional equipment technology to inform student learning outcomes and fill industry demands. Once complete, the facility will increase to an estimated 33,500 square feet, more than twice as large as the existing space.

The total estimated project cost is $13.1 million with CCC investing more than $10 million in funding. The Central Community College Foundation will provide $3 million to cover the remaining cost of expansion and remodeling. The CCC Foundation is also raising $500,000 for additional endowment funding to support student scholarships and future technological upgrades.

The CCC Foundation has raised more than 80 percent of the $3.5 million for the project. Executive director Dean Moors credits the generosity of numerous organizations and individuals.

“I have been very pleased to see the strong support for this project, which is going to be a reality due to the incredible support from Columbus, the surrounding areas and donors throughout the state,” said Moors. “This is our first major gift campaign in Columbus, and I know it’s going to be special and make a difference long term in the lives of students and businesses.” 

Once complete, the Center for Science and Technology will have five distinct projected outcomes:

  • Increased programming opportunities for students ranging from elementary and middle school to retired community members seeking exposure to careers, lifelong learning and experience with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) areas.
  • Preparing nursing graduates for practical and registered nursing exams, the workforce and transfer into bachelor of science in nursing programs.
  • Using a virtual innovation lab to enhance learning experiences for students in all programs.
  • Increased awareness and interest in transfer for pre-professional programs.
  • Modernized and efficient learning spaces for science and nursing.

The virtual innovation lab is of note as it will allow faculty to immerse students in a three-dimensional learning environment. These technologies will enable students to do such things as practice a speech in front of a simulated audience, stand within a cell or a strand of DNA or complete virtual workforce training.

The long-term impact of this project on the Columbus Campus is three-fold: individual student success, continued community partnerships and innovative technology solutions. 

“Each student matters at CCC – students enrolling for the first time, seeking job training, lifelong learners,” said Columbus Campus President Dr. Kathy Fuchser. “We are community-minded – employing local residents, offering affordable education and partnering with businesses to support workforce needs with facilities that emphasize collaboration and innovation. We are especially proud that 93 percent of our Central graduates remain as full-time employees in our service area.”

Columbus Community Hospital (CCH), which provided a significant donation for the project, is looking forward to the long-term impact that the improved Center for Science and Technology will have.

“The renovation and expansion of the nursing and science facilities will impact CCH by raising the overall quality of the educational program and experience for students, ensuring a steady flow of highly qualified professionals for our hospital for many years to come,” said CCH President/CEO Michael Hansen.

The Center for Science and Technology expansion and remodeling is projected to be completed in spring 2023.

For additional information and to take a virtual tour of the project, please click here to go to the Columbus Campaign webpage.