Withdraw Deadline Extended

April 3, 2020

Subject: Deadline to Withdraw Extended
From: Barb Larson, CCC Registrar

Dear Students,

CCC is extending the last day to withdraw from a class to Friday, May 1, 2020.

You are encouraged to talk to your instructor and/or advisor to discuss your interest in withdrawing from the course before making this decision. Your instructor and/or advisor may offer you different - and maybe better - solutions than withdrawing from the course.

If after having this conversation and you still want to withdraw from the course, please follow the instructions below.

If you choose to withdraw from the course, you will receive a grade of 'W', which does not affect your GPA. A 'W' does not count toward graduation nor is transferrable to other institutions.

If you are receiving any financial aid from CCC, you will need to contact the financial aid office before you withdraw from any classes.

In order to withdraw from a class you can call PhoneCentral at 308-398-7412 or you can submit an add/drop form to your campus student records office or extended learning services office. (Courses that do not run the full 16 weeks of the term may have earlier deadlines. Contact your campus student records office for assistance.)


Barb Larson
CCC Registrar

Registration and Assessment Directors

Columbus Campus

Ronda Ryan

Grand Island Campus

Kayla Sheffield

Hastings Campus

Sherri Portenier