Students Highly Pleased With Faculty Instruction

February 22, 2024

Central Community College students are quite pleased with the performance of the faculty. That’s according to the results of a student survey of instruction given at the conclusion of the 2023 fall semester.

The faculty performance survey comprised 12 questions relating to such things as the instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter, student engagement, enhanced learning through course activities, timeliness of instructor response to questions and posting of grades and feedback. Nearly 8,700 CCC students at all locations participated in the survey.

Of the 12 questions, 11 received an “agree” or “strongly agree” response from 90 percent or higher of the respondents.

“Our faculty is dedicated to providing CCC students with high-quality instruction and compassionate care,” said Dr. Candace Walton, vice president and chief academic officer. “It’s great to see that students appreciate the hard work of their instructors.”

One of the questions was, "The instructor's feedback, comments and explanations helped to improve my overall performance." Melissa Kosch, mathematics instructor at CCC-Columbus, said she wasn’t surprised that more than half of the respondents strongly agreed.

“Faculty at CCC use feedback to aid in the learning process and improve a student's performance,” Kosch said. “Feedback can identify where a student excels and what areas need refinement. CCC faculty also use this feedback to foster a positive classroom culture with open communication.”

Troy Davis, advanced manufacturing design technology instructor at the Hastings Campus, said he paid particular attention to the area of CCC instructors demonstrating strong knowledge of the subject matter through class discussion and answering questions. He said believes one reason why CCC faculty are so knowledgeable stems from collaboration with industry partners. However, Davis said that’s just the beginning.

“CCC’s faculty family goes beyond the classroom to mentor our students to be successful in career and life because we truly care about our students and want them to be the best version of themselves,” said Davis. “This mantra isn’t held only with faculty. Each employee of Central Community College cares and wants our students and graduates to excel.”

Two of the questions that garnered positive feedback focused on instructors engaging students to solicit their input and the instructors feedback helping to improve overall performance. Jeff Schulz, sociology instructor at the Grand Island Campus, said he believes it all comes down to gaining the trust of the students. Schulz said building trust should begin on the first day of classes with instructors laying out course objectives and setting expectations.

“When the instructors gain the trust of the students, I think it makes the students want to work harder,” said Schulz. “It makes them feel better and maybe more comfortable with the instructor of the courses they are taking.”