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Small businesses represent a high percentage of all employers and are critically important to the ongoing growth of our community and country. In 1990, the CCC Foundation received some specific donations, micro loan funds and grants to establish the Small Business Institute to encourage the formation of new, small businesses and to assist existing small businesses with growth opportunities. In 2020, the Small Business Institute (SBI) was rebranded to the Entrepreneurship Center.

The Entrepreneurship Center is an integral part of the CCC Foundation and CCC. It is under the general direction of a board of directors and staffed by part-time directors.

Note: the Entrepreneurship Center partners with several local, state and federal development groups and organizations in providing services.

Business and Startup Coaching

CCC’s Entrepreneurship Center offers a variety of services for individuals and companies looking for technical or financial assistance in starting or growing their business. The Entrepreneurship Center offers coaching for small businesses and startups including business planning, financial packaging, and more. Normally, there is no charge for the coaching services. 

Workshops, Seminars and Other Events to Educate and Promote Business Ownership

Workshops, seminars and other events are offered to educate and promote business ownership in the communities that it serves. The rewards of being your own boss are great, but so are the challenges. If you want to own your own business, we offer entrepreneurship education to help you develop the skills needed to get started. You can learn about opportunity analysis, marketing, finance, taxes and legal issues, and even develop a business plan.

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Incubator Space

The Entrepreneurship Center has a small business incubator in Hastings and Columbus. The main purpose of the incubator is to provide space at an affordable rate for new small business start-ups and/or for small business owners that wish to grow and expand. The incubator serves as a launching pad for businesses until they are able to graduate to a market-rate location or outgrow the space.

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Capital Loan Fund

Entrepreneurs who may require financial help with startup costs or cash infusion for growth, may apply for low-interest loan at the Entrepreneurship Center through the Capital Loan Fund. A client may receive up to $20,000 through the loan fund. Loans are reviewed and approved by a board of directors. The Capital Loan Fund is housed within the Central Community College Foundation. 


For more information about the entrepreneurship center at Central Community College, contact:


Doris Lux

Hastings, Grand Island and Kearney

Maggie Esch

Entrepreneurship Certificate

A 12-semester-hour entrepreneurship certificate is included in the Business Administration program. You can complete the certificate as an area of specialization within the program or as a stand-alone certificate to develop entrepreneurial skills and develop a business plan.

12-semester-hour certificate