CCC to Benefit from CARES

April 20, 2020

Central Community College will receive nearly $1.9 million from the U.S. Department of Education to assist with COVID-related expenses.

The allocation is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Securities Act, or CARES, which was passed earlier this month. The measure stipulates that half of the federal dollars, approximately $950,000, be directed as emergency cash grants for students impacted by the coronavirus. Student expenses could include lost wages, housing costs, health care costs, child care, and computers or other necessary technologies for remote instruction of college courses.

“CCC is pleased to see this new aid provided to current and future students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic,” said CCC President Dr. Matt Gotschall. “We are working to get the appropriate student grant applications completed, using as much existing information as we have, while providing opportunities for students to apply as early as April 22. These funds will not only be available for current students, but those looking to begin or complete coursework this summer and fall. Additional details will be communicated as soon as possible to currently enrolled students via student email and the CCC website.”

Students do not have to be current federal grant or loan recipients. However, students enrolled in noncredit courses are not eligible.

Students should be cautious of potential scammers during this time and not disclose bank information or full social security numbers to unsolicited requests.

The remaining funds allocated to CCC are not yet available but will be designated to cover additional COVID-related costs incurred by the college and may include unplanned expenses. Such expenses could include lost revenues from training cancellations, technology upgrades, partial housing refunds, additional cleaning supplies and easing the impact of furloughs or unemployment of part-time and full-time employees.