CCC Nursing Students Inducted Into Delta Nu

April 20, 2019

Joni Ransom

Nineteen Central Community College students have been inducted into the Delta Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Nu, the only honor society for associate degree nursing students.

Students are invited to apply for membership during their final year of nursing school. To qualify for membership, they must have at least a B in all nursing courses at the time of the invitation and a high GPA as well as demonstrate high academic and ethical integrity. They also must complete a service learning project that helps the community and recruits individuals into the nursing field.

CCC inductees were:

  • ALDA: Breanna Gillming;
  • CLAY CENTER: Alyssa Caretti;
  • COLUMBUS: Ryan Fiene, Nathanial Mwangi, Yesina Salas and Stephanie Weverka;
  • DONIPHAN: Cassidy Brechbill;
  • GRAND ISLAND: Madison Henn;
  • HARVARD: Heather Rudy;
  • HASTINGS: Kimberly Howard;
  • KEARNEY: Payton Cudaback, Chase Erwin and Courtney Paulsen;
  • LAWRENCE: Peggy Faimon;
  • NORTH BEND: Crista Fischer;
  • OSCEOLA: Jordan Siegel;
  • PALMER: Jessica Hayman;
  • SILVER CREEK: Carmen Kula;
  • SPALDING: Kylie Drake.