Tool Donation for Auto Tech Pathways

February 2, 2024

Central Community College made special deliveries on Feb. 2 to Hastings High School and Kearney High School.

The Carriage House Foundation has funded a CCC scholarship for many years. This year, the scholarship dollars were used to purchase tools for students in the automotive technology pathway programs at Hastings High School, Kearney High School and Janssen Ford in Holdrege. The tool delivery at Janssen Ford was made on Jan. 25.

More than $20,000 worth of tools were purchased for the three locations, including digital torque wrenches and micrometers and a tire spreader. Sam Matticks, the CCC automotive technology instructor who oversees the Kearney High School pathways program, said the tools should give the students a boost as the tools meet current industry standards.

“I think it’s a great advantage,” Matticks said. “The electric tools are wonderful. The students will be able to save angles and find torque easier. This is definitely a leg up for the kids.”

Athan Schanou is one of the KHS students who will benefit from learning how to properly use the tools.

“It’s definitely a great luxury for us to have nice electronic stuff to use in the shop,” said Schanou. “It will help us learn a little bit more about torque specs. The tire spreader will help a lot because our old wasn’t really working the greatest.”

The Carriage House Foundation provides funding for charitable and educational activities to enhance the automobile industry in Nebraska.

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