NEMSA Recognizes CCC Paramedicine Instructor

April 7, 2021

CCC paramedicine instructor Fred BenzelCentral Community College paramedicine instructor Fred Benzel was recently named as the Nebraska Emergency Medical Services Association (NEMSA) Instructor of the Year. The award was presented at NEMSA’s Super Conference in March.

“What this award says about Central Community College is that we have a great paramedicine program,” said Benzel. “I enjoy what I do and I guess it comes across to my students.”

One of Benzel’s former students, Cheyenne Massey, nominated him for the NEMSA award. She is one of three CCC paramedicine students who assisted the New York Fire Department at the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. Massey now works full-time for the Aurora Fire Department. Benzel said seeing students like Massey accomplish great things is a very satisfying part of his job.

“I appreciate what my students have given me.” Benzel said. “If I help teach one paramedicine student, they touch thousands of different people over their career.”

Benzel is also eligible for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians EMS Instructor of the Year Award, which is given out in October.

In addition to his instructor position, Benzel works for the Grand Island Fire Department and is a volunteer firefighter for the St. Paul Fire Department.