The celebration begins here on June 2, 2020

A message for graduates from the College President

Dear CCC Graduate Candidates,

I am incredibly proud of your accomplishments and your candidacy for graduation at Central Community College. Yet, I am also deeply sorry to deliver the news that our Commencement Ceremonies will not be able to proceed on our campuses, due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Like you, I will greatly miss this highlight of your educational journey and regret not having the chance to personally give you your degree. Obviously, it is a decision that we must make to ensure your safety and the safety of all of us, at this time. 

Rest assured, your accomplishments and your graduation honors will not go unnoticed or uncelebrated! I am excited to share that we have a team from CCC who are working on a special, online recognition event that will take place on June 2, 2020. 

For those still completing courses this semester, keep in touch with your instructor on course completion options and do not hesitate to reach out to student services, like online tutoring or financial aid, to help you complete in a successful manner. Thank you for the care you have displayed for one another over these past weeks. Better times are most certainly ahead and we will get through this together!

Again, congratulations on all that you have accomplished with earning your degree! You have worked hard, persevered, and achieved. I am very proud to soon call you a CCC Alum. 

College President