CCC Receives Climate Solutions Acceleration Funds

June 3, 2020

Central Community College has been awarded a grant to fund a Bike Share program at its Hastings Campus.

The grant is courtesy of Second Nature, a Boston-based nongovernmental organization, which accelerates climate action in, and through, higher education. Ten colleges and universities were awarded grant funding through the Second Nature Climate Solutions Acceleration Fund (the Acceleration Fund). More than 50 proposals were submitted and CCC is the only community college to be selected for the grant.

The funds will be used to install a new four-Bike Share solar powered Bluetooth docking station at CCC-Hastings. Additionally, it will support the upgrade of existing docking stations from lithium battery powered keypads to solar powered Bluetooth docking stations.

“Central Community College is greatly appreciative to the Climate Solutions Acceleration Fund and Second Nature for this grant, which will help fund a Bike Share program with a solar docking station at our Hastings Campus,” said Benjamin Newton, CCC environmental sustainability director. “CCC has Bike Share programs at its Columbus and Grand Island campuses and because of the grant, our Hastings students and staff will be able to benefit from a free and healthy alternative form of transportation.”

The Acceleration Fund is dedicated to supporting innovative cross-sector climate action activities driven by colleges and universities.

Priority was given to schools that would foster long-term campus-community partnerships; have the potential to scale their work beyond the grant term (end of June 2021); climate action that would be inclusive for all segments of the population; and those that promoted equitable and just outcomes.

For additional details and to see the other institutions that received the grant, please click here to read Second Nature’s news release titled "Climate Solutions Acceleration Fund Winners Announced."