New College-Wide Travel/Self-Quarantine Restrictions

March 23, 2020

Central Community College Colleagues,

A news release was issued today by the East Central District Health Department (ECDHD) in Columbus. While written for residents of Boone, Colfax, Nance and Platte counties, we are led to believe that the travel and self-quarantine guidelines detailed in the release, will be enacted statewide within the coming days. Thus Central Community College is being proactive in implementing these reporting recommendations and self-quarantine restrictions effective March 23 at all locations and centers. 

Employees and students who have traveled out of state are now being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival back in Nebraska. These recommendations are for all who have traveled by personal automobile or public transportation (air, train, bus).

The recommendation is based on the epidemiological evidence that travel outside of Nebraska is a risk factor for COVID-19 infection and is meant to help our communities prevent the spread of this infection. While this recommendation is more stringent than the current guidance provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, ECDHD believes that this measure is essential for protecting the health and safety of residents, healthcare workers and critical infrastructure employees of the area health districts.

Employees and students from Boone, Colfax, Nance and Platte counties who have traveled outside the state or who have come in contact with someone with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 should self-report to ECDHD’s COVID-19 hotline (For English, dial 402.562.8960; for Spanish dial 402.562.8963). Self-reporting is only for persons who meet these criteria. Anyone who needs general information about COVID-19 should call 2-1-1 or the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Information Line at 402.552.6645.

Health district hotlines for the other CCC health district counties have not been set up yet, but we will share on our website or via email once they do. For those in other CCC counties than the four listed above, you are still being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days following your return to Nebraska.

At present, the news release is not on the ECDHD website, but you are encouraged to review the information once it is posted. The ECDHD website can be accessed here.

Remote work assignments approved through your supervisors and human resources are up to date, with more to be processed as they come in. Remember up to 80 hours (hourly) and 10 days (contract) emergency leave also remains an option for employees who are not approved in whole or in part to work remotely from home, in addition to vacation, illness or family illness should those be necessary.

While the news release recommends K-12 school closures through April 30, at this time, CCC is still planning to remain open with limited in person labs, clinical, and practicum courses effective March 30, with the other course types moving to online and other remote delivery for the rest of the spring semester. Thank you to the faculty and staff who are working to get this accomplished.

CCC President Dr. Matt Gotschall