Success Coaching

Success Coaching

A CCC Strategic Initiative, focused on providing semi-structured, high-level coaching for students to help encourage, guide, and promote their persistence to award completion. 
Maximize Your College Experience with CCC Success Coaching! 

At Community College, we are dedicated to helping you succeed in your academic journey. Our Success Coaching program is designed to empower students like you to reach your full potential and achieve your academic goals at CCC. 

What is Success Coaching? 

Our Success Coaches are here to support you every step of the way. They provide personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs, helping you navigate academic challenges and connect you with valuable resources both on and off campus. With their expertise, you will have the tools and knowledge to thrive academically. 

How Does it Work? 

In five one-on-one sessions each semester, you will work closely with your Success Coach to discuss your academic goals and any obstacles you may be facing. Together, you will develop strategies to overcome these challenges and make the most of your college experience. Plus, our diverse team of coaches is made up of CCC employees from all campuses and centers, and they work in all departments and areas of the college. Their varied backgrounds ensure you will connect with someone who understands your needs and can offer valuable insights. 

Who Can Participate? 

Any CCC student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours and pursuing a certificate, diploma, or degree is eligible to apply to be a part of the Success Coaching program. Whether you are attending classes in-person or online, we are here to support you on your journey to academic success. 

How to Get Started:

Ready to take the next step? Keep an eye out for updates on the application process to become a part of this program. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the Director of the Success Coaching Program, Julie Mullen, with any questions you may have. Do not miss this opportunity to maximize your college experience and achieve your academic goals. Join the Success Coaching program today! 



Julie Mullen 
Director of Success Coaching Program 
(402) 461-2512 


CCC Success Coaching FAQs 

What is Success Coaching, and how does it work? 

Success coaching is designed to help students maximize their college experience and reach their academic goals by increasing the connection points between students and the college. This is done through one-on-one meetings between the student and the Success Coach (usually 30 minutes to 1 hour in length). 

In these meetings both the student and their Success Coach will discuss the student’s academic goals and any academic challenges the student may be experiencing. Then, they will explore strategies that the student can implement to help overcome these obstacles and then direct students to other CCC resources that can aid students in reaching their full potential. 

Is Success Coaching the same as tutoring? 

No, it is not tutoring in the sense that you Success Coach does not tutor you in specific course content or material. However, a coach can refer you to the appropriate tutoring services as needed. Success coaches will also help you connect with additional CCC resources that can help improve your academic performance throughout the semester. 

Is Success Coaching the same as Academic Advising? 

No, Success Coaches will not help you select and register for courses or set up you academic plans in Student Planner. In addition, a coach does not help you make financial aid decisions. For these areas, you should visit your academic advisor or the Financial Aid office. 

Who is eligible for Success Coaching? 

Students are selected for the Success Coaching Program each semester. Please check back for more information about the application process to become a part of this program or reach out to the Director of the Success Coaching Program, Julie Mullen, at 

If I am part of the Success Coaching program, how many meetings are required? 

You and your Success Coach will meet a minimum of five times per semester. You can work together to determine together if additional meetings (in-person or virtually) will help on your way to academic success. Checking in to celebrate successes large or small is always encouraged!