Leave of Absence Procedures

Initiating a Leave of Absence 

A student may request a Leave of Absence from his/her coursework for medical emergencies or for other extraordinary circumstances. A Leave of Absence is generally applicable when the student will be absent for two or more consecutive class periods or unable to participate (via other modalities) for two or more consecutive days. Students must request a Leave of Absence through the Director of Student Development. 

Students who need a Leave of Absence for pregnancy-related concerns must contact the campus Director of Disability Services. 



Students will provide documentation to the Director of Student Development. Documentation may include notes from medical professionals, notes from emergency agencies, published death notices or obituaries, etc., as applicable. If a student’s need for a leave of absence is related to pregnancy or a disability, the student will present documentation to the Director of Disability Services. After review and verification, this documentation will be kept on file. 


Coordination of Services 

After receiving a request for a Leave of Absence and verifying that appropriate documentation has been received, the Director of Student Development (or the Director of Disability Services) will coordinate any needed services on the student’s behalf, including meeting with the student’s instructors to determine and discuss any coursework, academic accommodations, and/or requirements that must be communicated to the student. The goal of this coordination effort is to facilitate a discussion that will help to devise a course of action that best supports the student’s opportunity for academic success. 


Return to Pre-Leave Status 

A student on a Leave of Absence will notify the Director of Student Development or the Director of Disability Services that he/she has returned from leave and has resumed attendance/participation in courses.