Students Rights & Responsibilities

Students have the right to:

  • Know what federal, state, and institutional financial assistance is available.
  • Know financial aid procedure and how aid is awarded.
  • Know how and when financial aid is paid.
  • Know the cost of attendance at CCC.
  • Know and comply with the Return of Title IV Aid Policy for withdrawal.
  • Know what portion of financial aid is grant aid.
  • Know what portion of financial aid is loan and the terms of the loan at the time it is made. This includes interest rate, grace period, and terms of payback, including a sample repayment schedule.
  • Know how much need has been met by the institution.
  • Know the criteria for continued aid eligibility.

Students are responsible for:

  • Knowing and meeting financial aid deadlines.
  • Providing all information/documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office.
  • Reading and understanding all forms and correspondence pertaining to financial aid and keeping copies of these.
  • Accepting responsibility for all agreements signed by the student.
  • Reporting any drastic changes in financial circumstances (i.e., death of parent or spouse or divorce) that would change financial need.
  • Returning all financial aid forms by the date requested.
  • Knowing and complying with Central Community College's refund policy and the Return of Title IV Funds policy.
  • Notifying lenders if there is a change in name, address, or enrollment status.
  • Complying with employment requirements for Federal Work-Study.
  • Applying for financial aid after October 1.
  • Repaying all Studnet Loans.
  • Maintaining satisfactory academic progress at CCC.