Early College Tuition

Central Community College values our high school partnerships and collaboration for high-quality and accessible college education. The following rates are subject to change based on legislative decisions in future years. Check with your college representative or high school counselor regarding costs. Students may be responsible for tuition/fees and textbooks.

Discounted tuition for all Nebraska high school and home school enrollments

2022-23 Tuition and Fees (cost per credit)

  Tuition Fees Total Savings* Instructional Provider

Early College Rate 1




 $150  Refer to High School Agreement

Early College Rate 2




 $195 CCC provides instructor and pays instructional cost

Early College Rate 3




 $282 School provides instructor at no cost

* Savings per 3 credit hour course

CCC full tuition/fees rate for 2022-2023 = $94 + $16 = $110/credit hour