Leadership Development

Central Community College provides businesses and organizations with career, professional and personal growth learning opportunities that are open to the public or customized to meet the specific needs of an organization.

You’ll find the classes we offer listed below, and you can expand the tabs to see course descriptions. You can find upcoming courses with our Community & Industry Class Search. Please remember that we also can customize classes to meet your specific needs.

Coaching Essentials

The prospect of being a coach in addition to all your other responsibilities can be overwhelming. The reality is if you’re in a leadership position and people are looking to you for direction, you already are a coach. Coaching is the process of letting people know what they do matters to you. Coaching is about inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

During this two-hour workshop, we will explore:

  • Our possible role in performance issues before addressing it. Specifically, could the issue stem from communication, conditions and consequences? Has the person been given a fair chance to perform well?
  • The impact of the types of feedback we provide
  • How to be a practical coach and bring up difficult subjects and directly address behavior which does not meet performance standards.

Discover who you are and own it. The CliftonStrengths assessment outlines your top talents, while your report features definitions of each of those talents specific to you. CliftonStrengths help you aim your purpose at greater performance. During training, we will focus on your greatest opportunities for development and success (rather than on your weaknesses). You can use your reports to tackle things like your career, working on teams, and your personal relationships.

Outcomes include:

  • Discover what you naturally do best
  • Learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths
  • Use your personalized results and reports to maximize your potential
Communication Skills

Develop methods to enhance one-on-one discussions. Identify communication barriers, improve listening skills and implement tools for clear, concise communication.

Conflict Resolution

Learn how to recognize the choices available in managing conflict and to provide constructive feedback that gets positive results.

Could It Be Me? – Seven Behaviors to Avoid to Realize Supervisory Success

As a supervisor or manager, you’ve probably asked yourself “Why won’t this person … ?” or “When will my team … ?” If these types of questions are reoccurring, have you asked yourself “Could it be me?” Before addressing performance issues, we need to be willing to look in the mirror and honestly evaluate our behavior. We could be contributing to the performance issue and not realize it.

In this one-day workshop, we will:

  • Identify seven behaviors to stop doing
  • Outline key steps for delegating
  • Discover what motivates individual behavior
  • Explore the elements of a hard-to-leave workplace
Foundations of Leadership

Leadership is not defined by your title. It’s defined by your actions. The way you lead tells a story about your values and creates an example for others to follow. The four-hour Foundations of Leadership workshop can give you tools to increase your leadership potential

Topics of discussion:

  • Discover the true definition of leadership, self-reflect upon your traits, and answer the question; “Would I Follow Me?”
  • Key Leadership Principles will be described that move us further into our leading roles
  • Explore the tools great leaders use to create success in their teams including navigating the Cycle of Accountability
Leadership and Trust

Learn five key principles to become a more effective leader and create a positive work environment. Challenge yourself to answer the question, Would I follow me? Learn the value and importance of trust in leadership.

Leadership Development Series

This highly interactive leadership program meets once a week for seven weeks. It has numerous developmental activities conducted in a supportive, fun and positive learning environment. It will enhance the skill level of current and prospective supervisors. Outcomes include the increased confidence of employees who will create a positive work environment, more effective teams and results that impact the bottom line.

Lunch and Learns

These one-and-a-half-hour presentations cover such topics as:

  • Accountability That Works
  • Assertive Communication
  • Conquering Communication
  • Discover Diversity
  • Email Etiquette
  • Generational Differences
  • Keeping the Good Ones
  • Leadership and Trust
  • The Unified Team
  • Time Management
Managing Change

Explore the change process, understand how people in organizations respond to change and learn how to lead change. Learn to value resisters and how to positively promote the change process.

Real Colors

Real Colors© is a fun, interactive discussion that will provide the skills needed to understand human behavior, uncover what motivates others and improve your communication with different personality types.

Reviving Customer Service

Customer service is intangible. We can’t poke, prod, weigh or otherwise physically inspect customer service. Customer service deals with the human side of an organization. It is measured by the human emotions, behaviors, understandings, feelings and perceptions of the customer. This session will focus on how to refresh the lens you see customer service through and revive your commitment to excellence.

This four-hour workshop will:

  • Establish how to demonstrate value of the service transaction
  • Identify Moments of Truth for the customer
  • Enhance communication skills by discussing proper word choice
  • Discover techniques for dealing with difficult customers
Say It with Backbone, Not Bite: Communicating with Assertiveness and Control

Developing assertiveness is more than just learning to talk differently. Being assertive requires thinking assertively, feeling confident and behaving positively.

During this four-hour workshop, you will learn how to develop each of these aspects of assertiveness. Guidelines for word choices and behaviors and numerous exercises will help you change how you interact with others. You will discover how to use assertive communication in a variety of managerial situations to solve problems, make decisions, overcome conflict, negotiate agreements, build strong teams and more.

Discussion topics:

  • Assess what type of boss you are by using the SELF Profile
  • Explore the four assertive styles
  • Identify the tools for a successful confrontation
  • Discover strategies to stay in control during emotionally charged situations
Situational Leadership II

In Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II© model, participants will identify the appropriate leadership style to use for task-specific situations. This in-depth module includes leadership behavior analysis, application and development exercises.

Team Building

Learn how to develop a productive, positive and unified team. Understand team progression through the stages of team development. Utilize tools to find consensus, lead effective meetings and build stronger teams.

Transitioning from Employee to Manager

Making the transition from peer to boss is never easy. Relationships with co-workers change dramatically, and new supervisors frequently struggle to balance old relationships with new responsibilities. In this one-day workshop, you will learn to:

  • Identify and accept your leadership role and all that comes with it
  • Set clear boundaries for all to follow
  • Communicate more effectively with everyone you lead
  • Develop an action plan to get the results wanted and needed from your supervisory role

After this class, you will reduce any fears or frustrations you may have, increase your personal effectiveness, gain greater respect from those reporting to you, improve your professional reputation and enhance your overall career.