Central Honors Institute

Because Of COVID-19, this year's camp has been canceled.

Greetings, Students, Parents and School Administrators, 

I hope this letter finds you doing well. My name is Erica Leffler and I am the co-director of Central Honors Institute (CHI) Camp. As you may have heard, Central Community College recently closed all campuses and centers, effective Monday, April 13, through Friday, May 1 (possibly longer), due to COVID-19.

I imagine that you, like so many others, are wondering what’s in store this year for the CHI camp due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Recently, the CHI staff had to make an incredibly difficult and heartbreaking decision to cancel camp for the first time since we started it in 2003. Because of current restrictions set by our state and college, our alternative was to wait until July 1 to assess the COVID-19 situation. Given numerous factors and unknowns (i.e. will there still be government restrictions on group gatherings of over 100?), we felt we needed to make a decision now rather than wait two weeks before the camp. We were the last CCC summer camp to concede. 

This was definitely not the news we were hoping to share with you, especially when we know so many students were anxiously looking forward to the camp this summer. Trust me when I say our staff is just as bummed because the CHI camp is a highlight of our summer, too. However, the health and safety of all our campers are our main priorities. We felt it was important to let our CHI families and schools know of our decision sooner rather than later. 

Although this year’s camp may go down in the books as "Space Mission: Failure to Launch," have no doubt that we are anxious to try our hand at "Outer Space" again next year. For students who are currently in the 6th grade, we hope you will join us for the CHI camp in 2021. We are looking into options that may be available for students who are currently in the 7th grade and want to come back to camp. Please know if you applied for the camp, I will keep your information on hand for next year. If you have not yet applied, please consider doing so to help us stay in contact with you about our plans for camp next year.

Thank you for your continued support of the CHI camp. If you have any questions or concerns, feel please free to reach out. We would love to hear from you!

Take care and stay well.



Central Honors Institute Teacher Recommendation

Central Honors Institute Application

Central Honors Institute School Nomination

Central Honors Institute Scholarship Application

CHI Academic Program

The Central Honors Institute (CHI) is a five-day residential academic camp for middle school students who will be entering the 7th or 8th grade in the fall of 2020 and who have demonstrated academic accomplishments, leadership and maturity among their peers. CHI campers attend academic classes during the day, socialize with peers in the evenings and fully experience life on a community college campus, complete with dorm food and residence halls.

During the week, campers will follow one of four academic tracks:

  • CHI Stream Team – Biology based, this track gets campers out of the classroom and into the “real” world. Using scientific methods and ecological concepts, Stream Team campers will investigate the living and non-living objects, food web, and biodiversity in a nearby aquatic ecosystem.  Students will perform advanced-level data collection, research and analysis as they spend their week learning about Stream Ecology.
  • FLY CHI Track – Designed to encourage interest through hands-on activities, in an environment that is supportive, enriching, and fun. This track will focus on the fascinating aspects of flight from archery to ornithology, rockets, gliders, combustion and beyond.  Many demonstrations in chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, math and technology will be used to both educate and entertain these “STEM” campers.
  • CSI at CHI Track – Is enjoying math a crime? These inquisitive campers will discover quite the opposite as they use technology, math and advanced problem solving skills to investigate and solve a number of puzzling cases throughout the week.  This curriculum is advanced, yet creative, with lots of teamwork, problem solving, and challenging applications to help these analytical students become “crime scene investigators.”
  • CHI Creativity Track – Students are encouraged to explore their creative side in unique and challenging ways.  Activities include designing games, improv activities, writing, acting and inventing. You may choose to design with technology, such as using a 3D printer. You will use teamwork to problem solve and learn from each other. Your confidence will soar and you will find out you are creative in ways you never imagined.

CHI faculty have distinguished instructional credentials and have been selected for their experience and enthusiasm working with this age group. While the typical CHI student excels at academics, many are pleasantly surprised by the challenging academic experiences they will have at camp. Best of all, our CHI learning environment supports acceptance, growth and excellence. Central Community College-Columbus has been proud to host CHI campers since 2003.

CHI Social Program

Having fun and learning to feel confident in a new setting are important components of the CHI agenda. Our social program includes activities such as swimming, bowling, putt-putt, Frisbee golf, table games, group games and relays. CHI draws from a large geographic area which allows campers to meet kids from other schools and cities and have the opportunity to form friendships beyond their normal peer group.

To Attend CHI

To apply for the Central Honors Institute, students will need to complete the Central Honors Institute application, have a teacher complete the Teacher Recommendation form, and have a school counselor complete the School Nomination form. All applications must be received by May 1.

Tuition for the five-day camp is $399, which includes room, board, supplies, recreational activity fees and a CHI T-shirt. Tuition is due when the student has been notified of CHI acceptance in mid-May. Late cancellations are subject to partial tuition being withheld. No refunds will be given after July 1. Partial scholarships are available.

For more information, contact Erica Leffler at eleffler@cccneb.edu or 402-562-1458.