CCC101 LMS Student Training

Welcome to CCC101 Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) Training for Students!

All courses at Central Community College will utilize Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is popular with higher education institutions in Nebraska including the University of Nebraska and most community colleges in the state. Canvas has many features that help you manage your course assignments and communicate with your instructor. You can access your courses in Canvas in two ways.

  • First, click the Canvas link in Student Resources on WebCentral. (Recommended) as this will take you directly to your Canvas Dashboard. 
  • Second, click the course name in My Courses on WebCentral. This will take you directly into the course.

Webinars Available: 

  • Online training workshops are offered to help you get started in Canvas.
  • Sessions will be hosted as a webinar for approximately an hour each. 
  • Advance registration is not necessary to participate in these webinars.

Summer 2024 Webinar Sessions: TBA

  • Getting Ready to Join a Webinar:

    • Before the session date, go to Test a video meeting on your device. 
    • Follow the directions to test your browser.
      • This will ensure that you and your computer will be able to join the meeting.


  • What Steps Will I Need to Do to Attend a Session?

    • Choose the workshop date above that will fit your schedule.
    • Login: enter your name and e-mail address.
    • Password: join

Training Videos: 

The complete video will walk students through the entire CCC 101 Canvas Training for Students. It will take a little over an hour to watch. The individual videos allow students to find the specific sections from the full video. 


For more information about these Canvas Trainings, contact: CCC’s Service Center at 308-398-7999

Have a great semester!

Canvas Training for Students is offered by CCC’s Learning Support Services