Early College Success Coach

How can the Early College Success Coach support you?

  • Building relationships and help provide academic coaching to guide you in the development and completion of your success plan.
  • Supply you with access, knowledge and understanding of how to use the many tools, resources and contacts available to you as a student of Central Community College.
  • Help you reach out to your instructor and develop a plan to get caught up and be successful in completing the course.
  • Provide strategies to balance time between school, activities and other responsibilities.
  • Assist as a liasion between the high school and Central Community College, as you prepare to transition into college.

Meet your Early College Success Coach

Emily GildersleeveEmily Gildersleeve

Emily will help you with: 

  • Academic coaching
  • Connect you to college resources
  • Discovering your potential after High School
  • Help navigate technology
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles
  • Build strategies for success
  • Time management skills
  • Prepare for your transition to college