Fall 2021 Community Connection

Celebrating the Unconventional


Cheri Beda, CCC Alumni Director

This issue of the Community Connection is all about the unconventional. Education at Central Community College is anything but conventional. Our students come from many different backgrounds with various goals in mind for their education. Attending college is a personal journey with no time frame or age limit to complete your goals. Did you know that I did not take a college class until I was 30 years old? I was a single parent, and I knew I wanted to get an education to increase my working opportunities. I decided that I would take one math class at my local community college as a test to see if I was smart enough to attend college. I passed that one math class and the rest is history. Education has taught me how to be a learner and ignite my curiosity. I have found that book smarts have little to do with the educational process. However, asking for help, meeting expectations, and just being open to the learning experience are what creates success. Here at Central Community College, each staff and faculty member contributes to our students’ success and ignites their curiosity through a variety of ways – some conventional and some unconventional. CCC has strong ties to the communities we serve, partnering with high schools and industry to best serve students and create a strong workforce. Giving can also be unconventional and done through many avenues, but the outcome is always the same: students benefit and opportunity is created. We welcome you to share your story too. Let us know about your experience at CCC. Do you know someone who graduated from CCC and is doing amazing things with their lives and impacting their community? Please nominate them for the outstanding alumni award. I hope you enjoy this issue of the Community Connection and maybe we will see you in class!

Ana Maria Espinoza

"I chose CCC primarily because of its location and affordability. There is a CCC learning center where I live. This created the right circumstances for me, as I was a stay-at-home mom, and attending a campus was close to impossible."

The Power of Partnerships

Hundreds, if not thousands, of CCC students have benefited from such partnerships as have the businesses that have signed on the dotted line.

Heidi Graf Associate Degree IT/Business 2013

"I went from operating a calculator and cash register to knowing the ins and outs of a computer system and network infrastructure."

CCC Lives Transformed by Metallica

Even though it’s been only a few months since the scholarship was announced, the lives of many CCC criminal justice students who are Metallica Scholars have already been transformed. Meet two of them: Nicole Holder and Tanner Broich.

CCC Alum and Board Member Recognized at NCCA Conference

CCC alumna Chandra Anderson and Board of Governors member Diane Keller received awards at the Nebraska Community College Association (NCCA) annual conference on Oct. 3 and 4.

The Power of Partnership II

Central Community College has partnered with multiple two-year and four-year institutions throughout its history.

Endowed Scholarship Established for CCC’s Auto Body Technology Program

The Highway Creepers Car Club of Kearney has donated $10,001 dollars to the Tony Turner Memorial Scholarship, which will generate funds for students in the auto body technology program.

Giving Back as Unique as the Donor

While many donors give through the traditional one-time gift, many choose to make a gift more specialized to their life situations. Donors have a variety of options as to the level, timing and designation of gifts.

Alumni Special Notices

Engagements, weddings and in remembrance

Help create a foundation for life

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