Heidi Graf

Associate Degree IT/Business 2013

I went from operating a calculator and cash register to knowing the ins and outs of a computer system and network infrastructure. I love working with the public and all types of people. The reason I came to finish my degree in 2010 was that work depression hit. I was a manager at a mom-and-pop restaurant for eight years that closed due to the economy and I was tired of doing fast food from the bottom up. Now I work as a help desk technician and secretary. 

CCC has so many awesome people, but the one that stands out the most is Nkuma Uche who taught the business ethics class. He had an awesome sense of humor but talked about the trials of cultural differences that still exist and how we as individuals strive to overcome obstacles. 

I learned it’s not just fresh-out-of-high-school students that attend. I have seen people in their 70s come for full-on degrees here at CCC. I know of people I work with in the general public that have graduated and send their children to CCC and how CCC continually grows and advances in learning and education. 

Central Community College is not a basic tech college; this college has a variety and range of educational fields to fit each individual’s needs. The classrooms are open and spacious and the instructors are phenomenal in teaching and if you need additional attention, they are very responsive. The learning material and system is designed for easy user access. The best part is that the campus is a fun learning environment. There are a lot of activities for social engagement, from sports to hobbies like book reading, cooking events and student-driven events throughout the year. Last but not least, CCC is not a single-location college, They have campuses throughout the middle of Nebraska and engage in online learning so if a student can’t be on campus, the college can literally come to them.