Giving Back as Unique as the Donor

Central Community College could not be the college it is without strong commitment and support from faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and the communities we serve. This support is wide in breadth and far in reach. While many donors give through the traditional one-time gift, many choose to make a gift more specialized to their life situations. Donors have a variety of options as to the level, timing and designation of gifts.

ram run runnersGiving takes many forms. Alums and community members can volunteer time on advisory boards. Faculty and staff give our students their time, effort and strengths. Students create a welcoming and engaging environment by joining various student organizations and clubs. Companies offer expert speakers, tours and tuition reimbursement programs as well as mentorship/apprenticeship opportunities. This creates a wonderful community of learning.

Traditional donors also have a variety of options to give back to CCC, including lesser recognized avenues such as planned gifts and endowments. Planned giving is where a donor leaves a gift to CCC in the future through a bequest in their will, a life insurance policy or an investment account with the college as a beneficiary. Individuals who make a planned gift become a part of the Legacy Society. Over 40 individuals, couples and families are currently a part of the Legacy Society as they have indicated their strong support of the college with a future significant gift.

Planned gifts are often endowed. What is an endowed gift? An endowment fund is one where the entire amount of a gift is placed in an investment, not expensed immediately. Each year, the CCC Foundation utilizes a portion of the income earned on the fund to support scholarships and programming. The remainder of the income is added to the principal to create on-going growth. These unique gifts are a way for individuals to provide a continuous funding source for CCC.

HAAS check presentationThe Endowment Process

  1. You establish a planned gift (bequest in will, life insurance policy, etc.) with the CCC Foundation named as a recipient. 
  2. Your endowed gift is received at the CCC Foundation and invested. The CCC Foundation’s endowments are pooled and managed by investment managers per investment policy for a fully diversified portfolio to mitigate risk and allow the CCC Foundation to be a good steward of your donation. 
  3. Gift is invested: Investment interest/dividends/realized gains and losses are recognized. 
  4. Your gift goes to work as a portion of earned interest is pulled to support identified scholarships, program support, Generations of Impact administrative endowment, etc., as designated. Meanwhile, the remaining interest and principal gift combine to grow and provide a continuous funding source. The balance provides strong support for current and future students. 

Regardless of how one gives back to the college – your specialized donor choices – you are making an enduring impact on CCC and our students.