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When you apply to CCC select your status

  • Degree seeking: I plan on graduating from CCC.
  • Course Only: I am not planning on getting an award from CCC because 
    • I am currently attending another college 
    • I am taking a course for enjoyment, enhance my job skills, etc.
    • I am still in high school not covered by Early College
Register for Classes
  • Develop a Plan of Study and meet with your advisor by phone or WebEx to register. Contact PhoneCentral to find out who your advisor is by calling 308-398-7412.
  • Step by Step how to search for classes 
  • Search for classes  
  • Transfer Options 
  • Have questions or call 308-398-7412
  • If you need to take an English, math or CHEM 1050 or higher, you’ll need to submit a copy of your ACT scores (within three years) or an unofficial college transcript with the needed pre-requisite course listed.
Financial Aid/Scholarships/Payment Plan

Degree Seeking Students

Course Only Students

Student Success Information