Share with us how you celebrate Dia de los Muertos traditions

Smithsonian Latino Center

This is an interactive website created by Smithsonian Latino Center. There is a slide show and a series of videos.

Traditions - Day of the Dead

This beautiful website made by Cereal Ventures is a wealth of information, with pages for History, Traditions, Mexican Culture, Designs, Sugar Skull, Recipes, and Events. There is also a shopping page for Day of the Dead items. Another charming feature of this website is a countdown clock to the next Dia de los Muertos.

National Geographic

This website from National Geographic gives a general overview of Dia de los Muertos, with some colorful photographs. There are pages for Background Info, Questions, Fast Facts, and Vocabulary.

History Channel

This website from offers a general overview of Dia de los Muertos, with focus on the historical aspects of the holiday. A number of references are linked at the end of the article.


This Wikipedia entry provides a longer overview of Dia de los Muertos. Many references are listed at the end of the article.

Tripsavvy - Day of the Dead origins and history

This recent article from TripSavvy gives a brief general overview of Dia de los Muertos. 

Tripsavvy - Day of the Dead vocabulary

This informative TripSavvy article explains 17 symbols and words often used in conjunction with Dia de los Muertos. The author also describes how Dia de los Muertos is celebrated differently in different Latin regions of the world.


This educational website offers some free Dia de los Muertos learning activities for kids, including a memory game, a drag and match game, and a concept race. There is also a story, a few videos, and a song.


This App offers Day of the Dead puzzles, games, and coloring pages for kids. These activities can be done on a phone or a computer.