Veterans & Military Graduation Honor Cord - Student

Veteran and military students and staff pose for a photo after graduation with their honor cords.Red, white and blue honor cords are available to graduating veteran and military students attending a CCC graduation ceremony. These cords signify CCC's appreciation for their service and dedication.  

The honor cords are purchased by the Veterans and Military Resource Center and are yours to keep. There will be a group photo taken before the graduation ceremony and you must register to receive the honor cord and additional information.

All SALUTE/Phi Theta Kappa graduating students who plan to walk at commencement will be eligible to receive the SALUTE graduation stole honoring their military service if they earned an honorable discharge or they are on active duty or in active drilling status and have completed all requirements eligible of PTK regalia, including a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Veterans and Military Graduation Honor Cord - Student registration

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I would like information as an alumni.
I would like to wear the honor cord during the CCC graduation ceremony.
I am a registered member of SALUTE Veteran National Honor Society and would like to wear the SALUTE Honor Stole during graduation.