Les Lukert Winter Conference

February 4-6, 2022

Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center, Kearney, NE
Hosted by the Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors

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Traditionally, Les Lukert Winter Conference courses have been directed at all ranks of firefighters and current or aspiring instructors. The 31st Annual Les Lukert Winter Conference is no exception, providing multiple opportunities to network by attending 4 or 12 hour courses. Many of the instructors presenting this year are familiar, but the courses are all new!

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask (nesociety@ hotmail.com). A conference package is being offered again this year. The package rate helps in financial planning by providing a discounted rate for the entire conference.

We look forward to your continued attendance and feedback as we plan future conferences! 

Daily Schedule

Friday Feb. 4 

Registration open: 0700-0900 
Pre-conference classes: 0800-1700 
Registration open: 1700-2000 
Tactics on Tap: 2000-2200 (Location to be Announced) 

Saturday Feb. 5 

Registration open: 0700-1200 
Exhibitors open: 0700-1800 
Classes in session: 0800-1200 
Lunch: 1200-1300 
Classes in session: 1300-1700 
NSFSI Annual meeting: 1730 
Networking/mixer for banquet attendees: 1830 
Leadership Banquet: 1900 

Sunday Feb. 6 

Exhibitors open: 0700-1100 
Classes in session: 0800-1200 


Full Conference: $250
Weekend Conference: $250
Pre-Conference Workshop Only: $70
NSFSI Membership Dues: Included
Guest Banquet Tickets: $35 each

Registration Questions

Call Cheryl at 308-324-8480


NSFM Fire Instructor I

3-Day Classroom Session (Friday 1 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to noon)

Instructor: State Fire Marshal Training Division, Allen Michel

(Must attend Friday, Saturday and Sunday Sessions) 

Class Description

Please Note: Students must have the Jones & Bartlett, 3rd Edition, Fire and Emergency Services Instructor textbook and brought to class. 

*Certification is available for this level with successful completion of the testing process. 

This course introduces participants and prepares them to become instructors in the emergency services field. The course enables students to become effective instructors which is one of the most important and influential positions within a fire department. This course meets the objectives of the current edition of the NFPA 1041 Standard for Instructor Professional Qualifications. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Gain an understanding of what a course objective is and how it relates to training 
  • Identify the parts of a lesson plan 
  • Adult learning methodology 
  • Presentation techniques for adult learners 
  • Classroom set up and the use of audio and visual aids when presenting a lesson plan 
  • Test administration and student feedback 

Course will begin on Friday, February 4 at 1 p.m. and go through noon Sunday, February 6. The course will continue February 18, 19 and 20 at the Kearney Fire Department Training Complex. Course instructors will give further details at the beginning of the class. Please Note: Students must have the Jones & Bartlett, 3rd Edition, Fire and Emergency Services Instructor textbook and brought to class. 

Class length 16 hours at the conference plus the second continued session on Feb. 18th-20th, 2022. 

Generational Firefighting

1-Day (Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Instructor: David Mellen - Valor Fire Training

Class Description 

This course discusses various generations in today's fire service and how to create and foster a positive work environment. It's no surprise that as our fire service moves forward, generational differences will lead to disagreements, animosity, and lack of commodore. In this interactive classroom session, students will get the ability to see the fire service from different perspectives and find positive methods to work together.

Class length 8 hours

HOT Training - Fire Ground Skills

1-Day Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Full PPE with SCBA Required

Instructor: Squad 5 Training

Class Description 

This ALL HANDS-ON class will challenge attendees by refining their current skills and introducing new techniques to improve their fireground operations. Topics will include forcible entry, search, hoseline advancement, and others. 

Please Note: This class is limited to 30 students and it requires SCBA and PPE: Turnout Gear, Helmet, Eye Protection, and Gloves 

Class length 8 hours. 

HOT Training - “New Drills for the New Year”: Train-the-Trainer

2-Day (Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

(Full PPE with SCBA & must attend all sessions)

Instructor: Squad 5 Training

Class Description 

The focus of this 12-hour HOT class is providing attendees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to return to their department and "Share the Knowledge!" Since your whole department can't come to Les Lukert, why not bring Les Lukert to your department?!

Do you ever run out of ideas for drill night? Does it always seem like you’re learning the same skill the same way? Are you looking to learn new topics and techniques? If so, this class is for you!

Attendees will spend the weekend rotating between skill stations where they will not only have a chance to refine various techniques but learn how to teach these skills at their own department.

This class is intended for firefighters of all ranks and experience levels who want to improve training at their department. Attendees will receive teaching materials that they can use to present these drills at their own department.

Please Note: This class is limited to 30 students and it requires SCBA and PPE: Turnout Gear, Helmet, Eye Protection, and Gloves

Class length 12 hours


Safety on the Scene

Classroom Sessions (4 hours) Saturday AM, or PM (Select One Session)

Instructor: Mark Hoffman, Squad 5 Fire Training and Life Member, Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad

Class Description 

This is NOT your normal safety class! This highly interactive presentation looks at safety and size up from both a personal and team perspective, instead of regulations and SOPs. Participants will learn and understand how to address the challenges to successful operations, recognize the importance of scene awareness, and how to build effective teams. This session encourages participation with scenario-based activities that demonstrate how the information presented can be put into practice to improve your “safety on the scene”.

Class length 4 hours

Shaping Your Volunteer Fire Department to Meet Today's Expectations

Classroom Sessions (4 hours) Sunday AM (Select One Session)

Instructor: Brandon Fletcher - Chief Fletcher is a 21-year student of the fire service and a second-generation firefighter with a background as both a volunteer and career firefighter in the rural, suburban and airport/industrial settings. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee Martin and is a designated Chief Fire Officer (CFO) as well as Chief Training Officer (CTO) through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. He is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) and currently serves as the Fire Chief of the Gilt Edge Fire Department located in West Tennessee.

Class Description 

Is your Volunteer fire department struggling to maintain relevance in our changing society? Does your current service delivery model meet the needs and expectations of your community? Are you struggling to recruit, train and retain members? Each day, it seems that the news feeds contain a story about a volunteer department closing its doors, in financial trouble, or even worse legal trouble. There seems to be a nationwide panic about the critical shortage of volunteers. Does it have to be this way? In this class we will: examine how industry and society trends impact today's volunteer fire service, take a hard look at the way we've always done it, as well as share and develop alternative ways to recruit, market, lead, train and manage our departments and members.

Class length 4 hours 

The 9Ls: Keys to High Performance Culture in Today's Fire Service

Classroom Sessions (4 hours) Saturday AM, PM or Sunday AM (Select One Session)

Instructor: Corley Moore - 25-year veteran of the Fire Service, all 25 in Moore Oklahoma where I currently serve at the rank of Battalion Chief. Founder of Firehouse Vigilance and the never-ending fight against complacency. Host of the Live show/podcast The Weekly Scrap, and author of 'Challenge Your Leadership', a book written specifically for firefighters looking to expand their leadership skills.

Class Description 

This is the keystone Firehouse Vigilance presentation, that will be released as my next book. I believe that the fire service is the greatest job on earth and cultivating and maintaining a high-performance culture is easy if you understand certain key principles. The 9L's are those key principles! It is a 4-hour presentation designed for people in leadership roles, or who desire to promote into leadership roles. The purpose of this class is to give firefighters the tools they need to measure where they currently are at in their leadership skill set. And the ability to evaluate where they want to be, and what they need to do to get there. The presentation is broken down into nine principles of leadership all of which start with the letter "L". Learn, Listen, Love, Look, Laugh, Level, Live, Labor, Last.

Many great speakers and leaders cover topics on tactics and strategies, but often the soft-skills are pushed to the side in the action oriented modern fire service. When they are finished with this class, attendees will leave well prepared, to not only deal with the many issues that arise around the firehouse, but also armed to proactively prevent the underlying issues from arising in the first place!

The ultimate point of the class is to provide firefighters with the single greatest tool that they can possess in a leadership role, and that is a lens by which you can judge every decision around the firehouse... before you make it.

Class length 4 Hours 

When it Goes Beyond a Routine Fire, Incident, or Local Disaster

Classroom Sessions (4 hours) Saturday AM, PM or Sunday AM (Select One Session)

Instructor: Dave Reisen - Planning Exercise & Training (PET) Unit Supervisor Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, 2003-Current - Responsible for the day-to-day supervision, performance and delivery of the Unit’s strategic objectives to include planning, emergency management training and exercises to elected officials, first responders and allied stakeholders across the state. The PET unit is also responsible for the State Emergency Operations Plan, the State Continuity of Government Plan, the State Emergency Operation Center’s Continuity of Operations Plan, and providing technical assistance to the Local Emergency Manager’s in the maintenance of the 93 County Local Emergency Operations Plans. The Unit conducts and develops the state’s Threat/Hazard Identification and Risk assessment (THIRA), Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Stakeholder Preparedness Review, Annual Emergency Management Report to the Legislature and the State’s Integrated Preparedness Plan. The Unit is responsible for the administration of the Corvena / Knowledge Center Emergency Management Platform, the Salamander Live Accountability Platform, the Nebraska Qualifications Review Board, and the One Responder Credentialing Platform for the state.

Dave is assigned as the State Training Officer and State Exercise Officer, is the liaison to federal level emergency management training centers and affiliated schools and FEMA Region 7 Training and Exercise programs. Dave is also designated as the state’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) Coordinator, ensuring an ongoing effort in maintaining NIMS Compliance across the state.

Class Description 

This Class covers what is expected and how to react when it goes beyond the routine to who, what, why and how to get resources that are beyond the routine fire/ mutual aid resources. Events that can be covered and where State Assistance has been requested are Wildfires, Tornadoes, Hazmat Response, Search and Rescue (Ground and Water and Air). Students will get more information on the forms used for checking in/out, vehicle inspection, timecards 201, 211, 214, 215, 219 T-cards resource orders. If we have time Salamander equipment. TTX will let the students get hands on experience with using and filling out the forms when it’s no longer just a local Fire/Incident or Disaster.

Class length 12 hours 

The perfect storm

Classroom Sessions (4 hours) Saturday AM, PM, or Sunday AM (Select One Session)

Instructor: David Mellen - Valor Fire Training

Class Description 

Often times after a bad event, organizations realized that there were red flags that were either ignored or missed which contributed to the development of “The Perfect Storm". This class discusses common red flags and situations which must be addressed and corrected to keep our brother and sisters safe. From morale issues to safety concerns, equipment failures to changing standard operating procedures, the process of forecasting what could happen in the future is the same. Students will learn effective ways to manage the risks and create a culture of change whether they are a probationary member or the Chief.

Class length 4 hours 

Views From The Other Side Of The Desk

Classroom Sessions (4 hours) Saturday AM, or PM (Select One Session)

Instructor: Brandon Fletcher

Class Description

Leading in any organization is a challenge. Leading volunteers adds its own unique challenges to mix. Remember, they do not have to be there; they are there because they want to be. Throw in that generally speaking, firefighters cannot stand change but are also unhappy with the way things are and you may quickly find yourself struggling to tread water in the leadership world. This program will examine those things that you wish someone would have told you before taking a leadership role in your department and some of the things you need to know if you are looking to lead down the road. As we come up through the ranks it is common to question rules, procedures, and tactics. This is not a bad thing as it is necessary to question things to improve them or realize they are fine the way they are. However, as we climb the rungs of the leadership ladder, we often find that the view looks very different from the other side of the desk.

Class length 4 hours

Conference Information

Leadership Banquet

The 6th Annual Bill and Cindy Meehan Leadership Banquet will take place on Saturday, February 5th in the Ballroom. Networking/mixer at 1830 hours, banquet begins at 1900 hours. A keynote address will be delivered following the meal. Tickets may be purchased in advance or in limited quantities at the conference registration desk. 

Keynote Speaker: Brandon Fletcher

Biography: Brandon Fletcher - Chief Fletcher is a 21-year student of the fire service and a second-generation firefighter with a background as both a volunteer and career firefighter in the rural, suburban and airport/industrial settings. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee Martin and is a designated Chief Fire Officer (CFO) as well as Chief Training Officer (CTO) through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. He is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) and currently serves as the Fire Chief of the Gilt Edge Fire Department located in West Tennessee.

Lodging and Meals

A block of rooms at $114.95 (plus applicable taxes) has been reserved at Holiday Inn under “Fire Service Instructors”. You must phone in for reservations at the hotel of your choice to receive the discounted rate prior to January 1, 2022. 

Registration fees include continental breakfast and lunch (Saturday only). Additional lunch tickets may be purchased at registration or the registration desk. If you have special dietary needs, contact the Holiday Inn staff as early as possible.

Registration and Cost

Classes are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Class sizes are limited, so ensure your registration by registering as soon as possible. Courses without sufficient registration numbers as of January 28, 2022 may be cancelled.

Register online. Phone registrations will be accepted for large groups only call Cheryl at 308-324-8480. Registration fees must accompany your registration form. Payment and registration must be received prior to class. Substitutions/walk-ins may be accepted pending availability.

Students will be provided with proof of registration. This proof of registration must be worn/carried at all times during the Les Lukert Winter Conference.

Cancellation/Fee Refund Policy

Students registered in courses cancelled due to low student numbers will be offered an alternate open class or a full refund. Student requested cancellations should be made in writing and sent to nesociety@hotmail.com or NSFSI, P.O. Box 80405, Lincoln, NE 68501. A $35 administration fee will be retained for those received by January 28, 2022. No refunds will be made after this date.

NSFSI Annual Meeting

The Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors will hold its annual meeting during the Les Lukert Winter Conference. In addition to conducting the business of the Society, the NSFSI, Nebraska Fire Chiefs and Bill Meehan/Fireguard scholarships will be presented. The annual NSFSI Bill Behrens Instructor of the Year award will also be presented. If you have items for the agenda, please contact us at nesociety@hotmail.com. Everyone is welcome, but only NSFSI members may vote. Saturday February 5, 2022, 1730 hours, location TBA. 

Considerations for Dress

To ensure your comfort, please dress in layers as personal preferences and room temperatures vary.

Message Center

The message center is located in the registration area as well as the conference operations center. Holiday Inn’s phone number is 308-237-5971, we will make every effort to contact you if needed.

NSFSI Membership

The Nebraska Society of Fire service Instructors (NSFSI) is an organization dedicated to furthering the training and education of emergency response personnel.

Our membership includes those responsible for emergency response education, whether from the State, volunteer, career or private organizations. The membership year is from January 1 through December 31. Membership dues shall be paid annually to remain a current member.

NSFSI offers two kinds of membership, active and sustaining. An active member is actively involved in the education of training emergency personnel and subscribes to the practices and code of ethics of the Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors. Sustaining members can be any person, firm or corporation wishing to assist in attaining the objectives of the Society. Annual dues for both active and sustaining members are $25.

To become a member and receive discounted registration to the Les Lukert Winter Conference, you must:

  1. Complete a membership application. The application is available online at nsfsi.com/membership
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation by an active member in good standing of the NSFSI.
  3. Pay your membership dues.

Your 2022 membership dues may be paid with conference registration. New members please complete the membership application and written recommendation and submit it to nesociety@hotmail.com OR mail to NSFSI, P.O. Box 80405, Lincoln, NE. 68501

If you are a current NSFSI member please remember that you MUST be in good standing in order to vote at the annual meeting in February. You may renew your membership with your conference registration or at the conference. If you did not receive a membership number when you renewed your membership, please contact NSFSI at nesociety@hotmail.com as soon as possible.

Directions to the Kearney Fire Department Training Center

Thanks again to Kearney Fire Department for hosting parts of the Les Lukert Winter Conference at their outstanding training facility. From the Holiday Inn, go north on Hwy 44/N. 2nd Ave. to Hwy 30/25th Street. Go east 4 miles to Airport Road. Approximately 1/2 mile north, turn west on Aeronica Road.

Cell/Phone/Pager Policy

We ask that cell phones and pagers be placed in vibrate mode during classes as a courtesy to others.

Lester L. Lukert

June 18, 1931 — October 10, 1988

Les Lukert was the Past President and a longtime member of the Nebraska Society of Fire Service Instructors. Les was an individual dedicated to the training and education of firefighters. He broadened their knowledge and skills and demonstrated to them the importance of preparing today for tomorrows emergencies.

Les was elected to the Seward Volunteer Fire Department on January 6, 1954. He was appointed fire chief in the early 1960’s. When he began teaching for the Nebraska State Fire Marshal Training Division in 1967, he relocated to Oshkosh and transferred to the Reserves with SVFD. He returned to active status with Seward in November 1974 and retired to the Reserves again in 1982. He was also a member of the Oshkosh Volunteer Fire Department. As it says on the NSFSI Memorial Plaque: “Let those who pass after him be recognized for their contributions to the educational process and the ultimate goal for all firefighters – To Save Lives.”