Narratives of Ireland

Ruins of Three Castle Head, County Cork, Ireland

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February 1 - April 15, 2022

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Global Learning - A Small Step to the World

You may not yet have had the opportunity to travel or study abroad, but we hope that this program will encourage you to consider it. The world is full of exciting and interesting places and people. Ireland is a tiny example of all that happens outside of our country, and it will provide you with a friendly introduction into things we have in common, and the differences in our two cultures. This is the beginning of a beautiful adventure!

Select from two courses:

  1. CCC-Virtual Ireland Personal Enrichment Course $79
    21/NC AVOR 4700 DEN21
  2. CCC-Global Perspectives Ireland Professional Development Course (Certificate Option) $99
    21/RE SOCI 7001 DEN21

The professional development course includes an additional module about incorporating self-reflection and cultural development into your resume, interviews and work experiences. Upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a cultural competency certificate from the Institute of Study Abroad-Ireland.

Global Perspectives Through the Narratives of Ireland

This program is an innovative, interactive program for students who wish to enhance their cultural competency and become a global scholar. It was designed by the Institute of Study Abroad Ireland in association with Central Community College.

How the Program Works

The program uses the history and culture of Ireland, past and present, as a platform for an intensive comparative study across the disciplines of history, literature, social justice, environment and sustainability, business, politics, social studies and leisure.

This is a self-paced course with recorded video lectures. Students do not have to log in at a specific day or time. 

Learn About Our Shared Narratives

Ireland's multifaceted history includes narratives of colonization, displacement, emigration, civil rights movements, conflict resolution, peace building and the challenge of building better in the 21st century. All of these events provide us with excellent material for comparative and critical thinking about ourselves, our community, and our past, present and future.

Empathy, Cultural Competency and Knowledge

Each of the modules in this course is based on core values of empathy, cultural awareness, social justice and environmental responsibility. You'll engage with each of the classes through creative assignments that will develop intercultural skills and global experiences. These are invaluable in life as well as your future or current career path, but more importantly, make you a more informed and educated world citizen.

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