Buy a Singing Valentine through Feb. 11

Date: February 14, 2023

Send your loved one a Singing Valentine from CCC!

Valentines will be delivered on February 14, 2023

We're sold out for 2023. Thank you for all your support. See you in 2024!

Spectrum members will deliver singing valentines to individuals at businesses, schools, restaurants, homes and retirement communities in an effort to raise funds for the Music Department. Our students’ efforts convey the friendship, respect and love that the purchasers of Singing Valentines have for their co-workers, relatives and friends. They also have introduced many to the talents and joy that CCC students bring to the community.

Singing Valentines go on sale the fourth week in January. To order, click “Order Now” or call the CCC Music Department at 402-562-1270. All orders must be placed by 5 p.m. on February 11. Order yours today!

Surprise your special someone with a Singing Valentine on February 14, 2023.

Singing Valentine Packages

Hey, Big Spender, $50

Really show you care with multiple songs, along with CCC teddy bear, a flower, a personalized card, and a sweet treat! Delivered in person in Columbus.

♥ Cupid's Favorite, $30 ♥

Dazzle with a song, a flower and a personalized card. Delivered in person in Columbus.

Long-Distance Love, $20

Win hearts with a song delivered via phone.

Campus Connection, $15

This option is only available to CCC employees and students. Delivery on the Columbus Campus or over the phone to another employee or student in another location. Classes will not be interrupted.

Terms and Conditions

Where do you deliver?

We deliver both on campus and in Columbus. We will also deliver by phone anywhere in the U.S.!

Secure facilities (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, K-12 Schools)

Hospitals: For the safety of patients, staff and sturdents, Singing Valentines will not be delivered to hospitals. 

Nursing Homes:  Please call the facility before placing your order to obtain their permission to ensure we are welcome and won't disrupt care of the residents.

K-12 Schools: We are unable to deliver to schools without special permission. You must obtain permission from a school adminstrator before placing your order. Permission will be confirmed before delivery. Please note: We will follow all instructions of school administrators upon delivery. Occasionally, entry is denied by the administration for cause (in-progress parent/teacher conference, fire drill, etc.). We will make our best effort to deliver, however sometimes that is not possible due to circumstasnces. If we are unable to deliver, we will leave any goodies for your special person with the front desk (if possible) and attempt delivery by phone. 

What if CCC closes due to weather or other circumstances?

In the event of an official closing of CCC, all Singing Valentines will be delivered on the next available business day.

Why a Singing Valentine?

In addition to winning brownie points with your Valentine, you'll be supporting the Central Community College choirs. Your support is important and greatly appreciated!

When is the order deadline?

Orders end at 5 p.m. on February 12 so don't delay!

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds after purchase. Please contact Jeff Kitson at or at 402-562-1270 with questions about your order.

What if I have a question or want to order over the phone?

Please call 402-562-1270 for phone orders or specific questions about your order.

What if I have last-minute issues with my order?

Please call 402-562-1270 for any emergency or last-minute issues with your specific order on the day of delivery.

What if my valentine isn't available?

Sometimes a special someone isn't available when we arrive or call. We will always make our best effort to deliver the valentine as intended. For in-person deliveries, if possible, we will leave any goodies and attempt a delivery via phone. For phone orders, if a valentine doesn't answer, we will leave a voicemail. Due to busy student schedules, we are unable to deliver on a different date unless there is an offical closure of CCC. As we always make our best effort to deliver, no refunds will be available if we are unable to connect with your recipient.