Ram Run

Date: September 12, 2020

Time: 8 a.m.

Location: Hastings Campus


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1 Mile Winners

Last Name First Name City State Bib Time  
Thomsen Zane Hastings NE 389 7:52 1st place and Male Overall Winner
Allen Tayla Hastings NE 373 9:16 2nd place and Female Overall Winner
Allen Jane Hastings NE 372 11:42 3rd place

1 Mile Overall Results

Last Name First Name City State Bib Time
Thomsen Zane Hastings NE 389 7:52
Allen Tayla Hastings NE 373 9:16
Allen Jane Hastings NE 372 11:42
Allen Anthony Hastings NE 374 13:39
Allen Ashley Hastings NE 375 13:42
Lough Presley Trumbull NE 383 14:15
Marble Kathy Hastings NE 386 14:59
Krabel Carmyn Juniata NE 380 17:16
Mackin Jodi Ayr NE 385 17:16
Vandeventer Lori Juniata NE 393 17:50
Brown Ty Juniata NE 377 17:50
Lewis Cayte Hastings NE 381 20:04
Lewis Michelle Hastings NE 382 20:04
Mazour Sheri Hastings NE 387 20:04
Mackie Gerald "Pete" Hastings NE 384 20:22
Ernst Deb Juniata NE 394 20:28
Hemberger Jaime Juniata NE 378 20:30
Tschauner Pat Hastings NE 392 21:03
Tschauner Ron Hastings NE 391 21:03
Breunig Chuck Lincoln NE 376 21:03
Popple Mariah Juniata  NE   DNF

5K Age Group Winners-Female

Age Group and Place Name City Bib # Time
Overall Winner
Dawn Klaus Sutton 338 22:11:00
1ST NONE      
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      
1ST NONE      
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      
1ST Meghan Horton Kenesaw 350 42:15:00
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      
1ST NONE      
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      
1ST Penny Birky Hastings 333 24:49:00
2ND Ann Heckman Hastings 347 26:49:00
3RD Bobbi Buchholz Juniata 336 27:29:00
1ST Dawn Claus Sutton 338 22:11:00
2ND Kim Grams Campbell 344 27:17:00
3RD Ralisa Leaman Doniphan 358 27:48:00
1ST Cathy Breinig Hastings 334 26:49:00
2ND Marcelline Ross Grand Island 368 28:09:00
3RD Kim Creech Hastings 339 30:27:00
1ST NONE      
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      

5K Age Group Winners-Male

Age Group and Place Name City Bib # Time
Overall Winner:
Tim Buchholz Juniata 335 19:03:00
1ST Jacob Heckman Hastings 346 23:57:00
2ND Beau Imler Juniata 378 33:09:00
3RD Hudson Treffer Juniata 372 41:06:00
1ST Matthew Mousel Juniata 380 23:23:00
2ND Brett Dillman Harvard 381 26:05:00
3RD Austin Imler Juniata 384 27:29:00
1ST Andrew Koca Holstein 356 44:10:00
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      
1ST Tim Buchholz Juniata 335 19:03:00
2ND Micheal Lough Trumbull 362 20:42:00
3RD Jerry Wallace Hastings 375 30:21:00
1ST Lee Vroman Juniata 374 21:51:00
2ND Sam George Hastings 342 26:13:00
3RD Raymond Chavez Grand Island 337 33:41:00
1ST NONE      
2ND NONE      
3RD NONE      
1ST Dave Johnson Harvard 351 19:47:00
2ND Steve Scoville Elwood 370 30:30:00
3RD Gordon Wheeler Hastings 376 32:00:00
1ST Gerald Schaben Seward 369 32:54:00
2ND Mark Fuerniss Lincoln 341 33:06:00
3RD Richard Friedrichsen Clarks 385 34:32:00

 5K Overall Results

Last Name First Name City State Bib Time
Birky  Penny Hastings NE 333 24:49:00
Breinig  Cathy Hastings NE 334 26:49:00
Buchholz Tim Juniata NE 335 19:03:00
Buchholz  Bobbi Juniata NE 336 27:29:00
Chavez  Raymond Grand Island NE 337 33:41:00
Claus  Dawn Sutton NE 338 22:11:00
Creech Kim Hastings NE 339 30:27:00
Frink  Shannon Hastings Ne 340 28:10:00
Fuerniss Mark Lincoln NE 341 33:06:00
George  Sam Hastings Ne 342 26:13:00
George  Jennifer Hastings Ne 343 34:15:00
Grams Kim Campbell NE 344 27:17:00
Hallum   Ranita  Arlington  Tx 345 41:50:00
Heckman  Jacob  Hastings  NE 346 23:57:00
Heckman  Ann Hastings  NE 347 26:49:00
Holmes  Deb Lincoln NE 348 45:10:00
Holmes  Jim Lincoln NE 349 43:21:00
Horton Meghan Kenesaw NE 350 42:15:00
Johnson Dave Harvard NE 351 19:47:00
Kirkland  Ruth Kearney NE 352 52:45:00
Koca  Andrew Fairmont NE 356 44:10:00
Koca  Barb Fairmont NE 357 44:09:00
Leaman  Ralisa Doniphan  Ne 358 27:48:00
Logue  Jamie Grand Island NE 359 34:40:00
Logue  Andrew Grand Island NE 360 34:29:00
Logue Andrew, Jr. Grand Island NE 361 33:11:00
Lough  Michael Trumbull NE 362 20:42:00
Manning  Brenda Exeter NE 363 31:50:00
McDaneld  Tara Hastings NE 364 30:29:00
Messman Janet Aurora NE 365 52:42:00
Osburn  Amy  Cairo NE 366 52:40:00
Ross  Marcelline Grand Island NE 368 28:09:00
Schaben Gerald   Seward NE 369 32:54:00
Scoville Steve Elwood NE 370 30:30:00
Thomsen  Julie Hastings Ne 371 35:35:00
Treffer Hudson Juniata NE 372 41:06:00
Vrooman  Kris Juniata NE 373 32:03:00
Vrooman  Lee JUNIATA NE 374 21:51:00
Wallace Jerry Hastings NE 375 30:21:00
Wheeler  Gordon Hastings Ne 376 32:00:00
Imler Beau Juniata NE 378 33:09:00
Mousel Mathew Juniata NE 380 23:23:00
Dillman  Brett  Harvard NE 381 26:05:00
Dillman   Steven  Harvard NE 382 37:05:00
Treffer Lincoln Juniata NE 383 30:17:00
Imler Austin Juniata NE 384 27:29:00
Friedriensen Richard Clarks NE 385 34:32:00
Kluthe John Scotia NE   DNF
Kluthe Deb Scotia NE   DNF
Knehans Kelsey Juniata NE   DNF
Reeder  Brittney Albion NE   DNF
Yurk Dan Hastings NE   DNF


Run/walk in-person at the Hastings Campus or on your own with the virtual option. 

Register/Pay Online

View Brochure

Virtual Option

Run or walk the 5k or 1 mile race wherever you want between September 12 through September 18 with a registration deadline of September 11. You will receive an email after you register with a link to submit your time and upload a photo, if you choose. Virtual participants will be excluded from the cash prizes and medals but will still receive a long sleeved t-shirt.

In-Person Race Schedule

6:45 to 7:45 a.m.: Registration & Packet Pickup. Report to the Hall Student Union 
8 a.m.: 5k Race Starts
8:05 a.m.: 1 Mile Race Starts
9:15 a.m.: Awards Presentation 

Registration and awards will be completed inside the Hall Student Union. A long-sleeve T-shirt will be given to each entrant. To be guaranteed a shirt on race day, register by 9-1-20.

Entry Fee

Group  Cost
Adult (11 and up) $25
Youth (10 and under) $15
CCC Student $15

The Courses

The 5k course is flat and it incorporates many of the campus streets. The 1 mile course finishes in the same area as the 5k course. Participants can run or walk either of the distances.

Bring a Food or Hygiene Item!

On race day, bring an item for the CCC Food and Hygiene Pantry.

Race Proceeds

Race proceeds will support the Ram Run Scholarship Fund through the CCC Foundation. Scholarships will be awarded annually to CCC students based on proceeds. If you would like to make an additional donation to the scholarship fund, please contact the CCC Foundation at 402-460-2153 or 402-460-2165 or donate online.


Virtual participants will be excluded from the cash prizes and medals but will still receive a long sleeved t-shirt.

5K Awards

Men’s and women’s winners will receive $50 in Hastings Chamber Bucks. The top three finishers in the following age divisions will receive a medal: 

Male Female
10 and under 10 and under
11-19 11-19
20-29 20-29
30-39 30-39
40-49 40-49
50-59 50-59
60-69 60-69
70+ 70+

1 Mile Awards

Men and women winners will receive $20 in Hastings Chamber Bucks. The top 3 winners will receive medals. Participation ribbons will be handed out at the finish line to all children attending.


Please call student accounts at 402-461-2440.


In consideration of your acceptance of this entry, I, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release Central Community College, CCC Student Accounts and its officers and agents, Adams County, meet officials, volunteers, workers and any and all sponsors and their representatives, successors and assigns from any and all rights and claims for any damages I may have arising out of any injuries and illnesses suffered by me in this event. 

I attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event. 

I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the foregoing to use my name and any photographs, videotapes, recordings or any other record of me participating in this event for any publicity and/or promotional purposes without obligation or liability to me. 

I have read the entry information provided and certify my compliance by my signature below. I also understand entry fees I pay are non-refundable.