Last Day to Add Classes

Date: October 18, 2019

Adding Courses

Students may add courses to their schedule during open/general registration and during the free drop and add period of a semester. Please refer to the college calendar for the exact dates. Some courses and workshops have flexible start dates or may begin after the start of a semester. Check with the registration technicians at each campus for details. Students who add courses during a term will pay the current tuition and fees for each credit hour added.

Instructor or associate dean approval is required to add lecture and instructor-paced web courses during the second week of classes. After the second week of the term, students will not be allowed to register for lecture or instructor-paced web courses without an Enrollment Exception form.

Any student registering for over 20 credits for the Fall and spring term and over 12 credits for summer term will require special approval by the division dean of instruction responsible for the students declared program of study.

Students may add classes by:

  1. Online using WebCentral
  2. Completing a Add/Drop form and submitting it to the registration office on campus
  3. Calling Phone Central (308) 398-7412