2nd 8-Week Session Last Day Free Drop

Date: March 8, 2019

Dropping Courses

The free drop date is published in the academic calendar for courses that meet for the entire 16 weeks of a semester. Drop dates for classes that are not scheduled to meet for the entire 16 weeks of a semester are available at the Registration Offices on each of the campuses. Students can drop classes and receive a 100% refund or exchange equal credits free of charge on or before the free drop date for the course.

Federal Student Aid recipients who add and drop courses during the semester should consult with the staff in the Financial Aid Office because financial aid eligibility may be affected.

Students may drop courses by:

  1. Completing a Add/Drop form and submitting it to the registration office on campus
  2. Sending a request via their college email account to the Registrar's office
  3. Calling Phone Central (308) 398-7412