Registration Day

Date: January 3, 2019

Registration Procedures

The college has Registration and Student Records offices at the Hastings, Columbus, and Grand Island campuses. General registration is held prior to the beginning of classes each semester. At that time, students who have not previously registered should meet with an academic advisor to plan a class schedule. WebCentral may also be used to evaluate programs of study (the website will evaluate classes taken and show classes needed for graduation for your program) and determine appropriate courses for registration. Registration dates for the semester are specified on the college calendar.

Students must pay for their classes at the time of registration or elect to pay prior to the established payment deadline. It is each student's responsibility to become familiar with registration schedules, deadlines, completion of registration forms, and obtaining required signatures.

Students planning to enroll at sites other than one of the three campuses can register for classes using WebCentral, by calling PhoneCentral (308) 398-7412, or contacting the nearest learning center in your area. The center staff will assist with the registration process.