Alumni Spotlight

Dillion Kuehn

Associate of Science Academic Transfer – Agri-Business.
Transfer Institution: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Legislative Assistant for Nebraska State Representative Adrian Smith

Dillion KuehnAs a graduate of Aurora High School, CCC-Hastings was just down the road from where I grew up. 

While I’ve had countless positive encounters with many of my professors, my time spent with Brad Lang continues to be the most prominent in my memory. After completing my first semester, he became my advisor and helped illuminate the path that I had set out on to graduate with an associate degree and bring those credits and knowledge to a four-year institution to pursue my bachelor’s. Brad knew the agri-business programs throughout the state forward and backward and helped set the course and pace to maximize my chances of success. Not only did he share key insights to achieving my academic goals, when I came to him with an interest in seeking an internship, he scheduled an interview for me with Aurora Cooperative. Because of his actions, I went on to intern for Aurora CO-OP during the summers of 2012 and 2013, and eventually was offered a full-time position as a sales agronomist after completing my bachelor’s. Brad’s willingness to go the extra mile helped shape my future.

Living on campus helped me understand how to interact with my fellow students, faculty and professors to identify and achieve our common goals in a constructive way. CCC is the type of place where not only do you get out what you put in, but you will earn dividends in ways you cannot anticipate - only if you put the work in.