Fall 2022 Community Connection


Autumn is upon us in its vibrant colors. This year, after a dry season, the colors are especially bright, almost electric. And perhaps, by the time you read this, the radiant colors will have fallen from the trees in nature’s way of showing us how beautiful it is to let go, in order to make way for what is to come.





Traci Skalberg, CCC Foundation Executive Director

Welcome to the Fall 2022 edition of the Community Connection. We are so happy to share in this CCC journey with you. The theme for Fall of 2022 is “Transition.” This is so appropriate at the CCC Foundation Office as we are experiencing a transition of leadership after 14 years. Dean Moors retired as Executive Director of the organization on November 1. Building upon the groundwork from his predecessor Jack Crowley, Moors moved the organization ten-fold in assets while investing millions into the students, projects, and programs of Central Community College. His legacy is vibrant and electric. His impact will be felt for generations.

On August 15, 2022, I joined the Central Community College Foundation as the third director in its 33-year history. I am excited to be a part of this sincere and reliable team who live the vision of improving quality of life, investing in one dream at a time. I can’t wait to meet you on this path and look forward to the vibrant colors of opportunity that we will paint together.



An essay by Erin Cannaday


“I like to help others enjoy their time here on earth as well and I can only do that if I am involved in things. I would say that started day one at CCC.” - Cassie Seckel

Apprenticeship Grant

Central Community College receives a $4 million Apprenticeship grant

Alphabet Soup of Giving

It may seem like alphabet soup, but really, it's giving options to best meet your needs (and ours) by maximizing your gift.

Moors Leaves a Strong Foundation

Investing in education.

Economic Impact

Central Community College added $442.1
million in income to its 25-county service area’s economy.

Christine Haba

"You can be confused, scared, and still find your way as long as you keep trying." - Christine Haba

International Flair

“CCC ended up being the best opportunity for me and my family because I really felt at home." - Clara Reis

Inclusive Play

The Pirnie Inclusive Playground Project at Ryder Park in Grand Island offers a multigenerational, inclusive play destination that encourages play for everyone.

Scott Barwick

2022 NCCA Distinguished Alumnus Award