Always part of the Family

Central Community College owes its success to the invaluable contributions of our dedicated faculty and staff. They are the driving force behind the transformational impact we have on our students’ lives. With unwavering passion and expertise, these exceptional individuals stationed across all our campuses and centers inspire and empower students to achieve their goals.

What sets our CCC employees apart is their unique perspective. Many of them, denoted with an asterisk (*), are not just employees but also proud alumni of CCC. Even before joining the campus community, they recognize the profound influence they can have on students’ journeys. Together with their colleagues, they tirelessly strive to create a positive and enriching student experience at CCC.

Ask any of our alumni, and they will tell you that there was always someone who made a remarkable difference in their lives during their time as students. These extraordinary individuals provided the necessary encouragement during challenging times, infused learning with excitement, demonstrated understanding, facilitated academic progress, listened attentively, and genuinely cared for their well-being.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially for those who have bid farewell to countless students throughout their illustrious careers at CCC. This year, we honor and bid farewell to several cherished members of the CCC family as they embark on their well-deserved retirement. Among them are instructors, librarians, deans, production directors, advisors, and specialists in data, financial aid, and accounts. Their contributions have left an unforgettable mark on CCC, and they will forever be a part of our Central community.

If you have had the privilege of knowing any of these remarkable individuals, we encourage you to come back and visit as a CCC alumnus/alumna. Take the opportunity to reconnect and ensure that they recognize the profound impact they had on your life. Alternatively, you can share your experience with the CCC Foundation, allowing us to celebrate, acknowledge, and express gratitude for the exceptional contributions these retirees have made.

Let us come together to pay tribute to these outstanding individuals and express our heartfelt appreciation for their enduring dedication to CCC.



Nick Freelend

"While at CCC, I was part of every student organization that would have me. At the center of all of those organizations was Nick Freelend. I feared I
would miss out on something being a commuting student, but quite the opposite happened. Nick made sure every student felt included, involved, and right where they were supposed to be."

- Janelle Seim






2022-23 Retirees

Barb Beck | 14 years

Bruce Bartos | 14 years

Rebecca Bartlett | 12 years

Dixie Codner | 23 years

Vicki Kucera | 41 years

Lupe Valderaz | 48 years

Ron Kluck | 40 years

Carol Boyle | 13 years

Dean Moors | 14 years

Pat Sinnard | 43 years

Ronnie O'Brien | 8 years

Donna Anderson | 23 years

Deb Payne | 47 years

Laura Emde | 48 years

Nick Freelend | 34 years

Gene Friesen | 22 years

Robin Buckallew | 16 years

Peg Slusarski | 25 years

Steve Heinisch | 40 years

Glen Wiemer | 19 years