The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS measures basic essential skills in the academic content areas of reading, math, science, English, and language usage. The objectives assessed on TEAS exam are those, which CCC Nursing Program deems most appropriate and relevant to measure entry-level academic readiness for nursing education. The nursing program requires all applicants to complete the TEAS. Test scores for TEAS exam are relevant for 3 years after date of taking exam.

Content Area

Number of Questions

Amount of Time Allowed



64  minutes



54 minutes



63 minutes

English and Language Usage


28 minutes


150 (20 unscored questions)

209 minutes or 3.5 hours

ATI TEAS Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATI?

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is designed specifically to assess a student’s preparedness entering the health science fields. The ATI TEAS test will be administered as part of your nursing program admissions requirement.

Does this mean I don’t have to take the pre-enrollment assessment?

No, the ATI TEAS test does not replace the pre-enrollment assessment. The assessment will need to be taken as part of Central Community College’s admission requirement. The ATI TEAS is a requirement of the nursing program.

What is the difference between pre-enrollment assessment and ATI TEAS?

The assessment measures a student’s ability to learn, while the ATI TEAS exam focuses on a students’ learned knowledge and skills that were developed in high school. The ATI TEAS focuses on preparedness for student success in the first year of a nursing program.

What is tested on the ATI TEAS?

The ATI TEAS tests in 4 content area:

  • Reading that measures
    • Key ideas and details
    • Craft and Structure
    • Integration of knowledge and Ideas
  • Mathematics that measures
    • Numbers and Algebra
    • Measurement and Data
  • Science that measures
    • Human anatomy and physiology
    • Life and physical sciences
    • Scientific Reasoning
  • English and language usage that measures
    • Conventions of standard English
    • Knowledge of language
    • Vocabulary acquisition
  • There a total of 150 questions
    • 47 Reading questions
    • 32 Mathematics questions
    • 47 Science questions
    • 24 English and language usage questions
  • Reading and Science are weighted the heaviest for the exam. 
    • Research for these two content areas has shown to be what students need to be successful in a nursing program.
How will I know if I am ready to take the ATI TEAS?

The best answer for this question is to work with Central Community College’s pre-nursing advisor. She will be able to answer any questions, determine your strengths and areas for improvement, prepare an individualized plan of study, and other important information.

Can I prepare for the ATI TEAS?

Yes. There are study materials that you can purchase that will help develop knowledge, skill, and confidence. Products are called SmartPrep which are purchased through ATI. These are self-guided study programs. These materials are similar to ways students can prepare for the ACT. The four SmartPrep packages include:

  • ATI TEAS SmartPrep
    • Most comprehensive
    • Self-directed tutorial, 2 online practice exams, and study guide
  • ATI TEAS Basic Package
    • Includes a study manual and online practice exam
  • ATI TEAS Study Guide
    • Includes study guide that addresses objectives of components
  • ATI TEAS Online Practice Exams 
    • Includes 2 online practice exams
  • Reference books with practice exams have been purchased for student use. Books are located on the Hastings, Columbus, and Grand Island libraries. Students can ask for books at the front desk at the Kearney Center.
How do I register for ATI TEAS?

ATI TEAS registration information can be found on the ATI website. The cost of TEAS exam is $70. 

Create an ATI Account

When should I test?

Students must complete the exam prior to the application deadline (January 1 – March 31). It is recommended that applicants schedule the test a minimum of 45 days prior to application or deadline. The most recent score is used at the time of application. Students are advised to have completed BIOS 2250 Anatomy and Physiology I prior to taking the TEAS exam.

TEAS Testing Dates


8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
1 - 5 p.m.

January - August 2019 



Grand Island




No TEAS Testing



















No TEAS Testing











Columbus: First Wednesday of the month
Grand Island: Second Wednesday of the month
Hastings: Third Wednesday of the month
Kearney: Fourth Wednesday of the month

Marie White, Nursing Pathway/Retention Coach, will be on each campus during TEAS test day. Marie will meet with students after completion of TEAS to discuss next steps.

Where do I take the ATI TEAS?

ATI TEAS exams can be taken on any Central Community College campus and the Kearney Center. After registering in ATI, you will be given dates and times of when the ATI TEAS test is being administered. Sign up for a date/time/location. Your information will be forwarded to the testing center location that you choose.

How do I know if my scores meet for the nursing program?

Central Community College’s nursing program uses the ATI Academic Preparedness level of proficient as the minimum score needed. Proficient scores generally indicate a moderate level of overall academic preparedness necessary to support learning of health sciences-related content.

The minimum score needed to be proficient is 58.7% or above. This score is used for nursing program.

How long are my TEAS scores valid?

Scores are valid for 3 years.

Who sees my scores?

The Associate Dean of Nursing is provided all ATI TEAS scores after a student takes the exam. You can purchase a transcript from ATI to have a paper copy of your score.

Do I submit ATI TEAS scores?

No, ATI provides a list of student with scores to the nursing program’s Associate Dean. Scores will need to be submitted if TEAS was taken at a different site/location than Central Community College.

How often can I take the ATI TEAS?

Students are allowed to take the ATI TEAS 2 times per academic year and 4 attempts per lifetime.

There must be at minimum 30 days in between exams. Students will need to register through ATI for each additional exam.

What happens if I do not meet the minimum score?

If a student does not meet the needed minimum score to gain admission into the nursing program, please contact the pre-nursing advisor for further counseling and advising. The Nursing Pathway Retention Coach will be available for individualized meetings for next steps after completion of the exam the day of taking. 

Do I only need the ATI TEAS score to be admitted into the nursing program?

No. The ATI TEAS score is one piece of the admission process. Additional admission requirements include:

  • Active nursing assistant certification or LPN license
  • Current Healthcare provider CPR
  • Completed Immunization history
  • Complete nursing application
  • Meet minimum grade requirement for nursing required general education courses with a C or better (A & P I and II need a B or better)

You will work with the pre-nursing advisor to gather all necessary documents required for admission.

When can I apply to the nursing program?

The nursing program has 2 distinct application periods: ADN and Advanced Placement (LPN-RN). Please check the nursing page for information on when to apply.

Testing policies and students with disabilities

All students must adhere to ATI testing policies and CCC Testing Center polices. If you are a student with an identified disability, reasonable accommodations are available. For those individuals needing accommodations, please schedule an appointment 2 weeks prior to TEAS test date with the Disability Coordinator at site of test.

Columbus Campus
Michelle Lutz
Grand Island Campus
Kim Ottman
Hastings Campus
Cindy Hahn