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Attaching files to Activities vs Embedding

Did you know could attach files to an Activity in Moodle rather embed them into the instructions? While it is possible to embed files into the instruction area of many activities, it is not always the best option.

In the old days we didn’t have the option to add (attach) a file to an activity. The work around became to embed the file into the instruction area (type out the file name, select the text & navigate to the file on your computer), so there would be a file for the students to access within the activity.

There are many disadvantages to this method: Every semester links to files need to be checked, when updating with new files each semester a new document has to be linked, it can be time consuming & problematic if your file name is not changing, often times the links to the file are lost & they don’t work. Sometimes the option to open it a new window doesn’t get selected & the document opens in the same window as Moodle, then when students close the document, they are closing out of Moodle. With the increasing use of tablets such as Chromebooks, the embedded links are difficult for students to open, often times they can’t find a way to save the file because they don’t have the software on the tablet.

A better option: Moodle has since added the ability to attach file within activities and it is so much easier to update each semester. You can easily edit the activity, remove the old file, drag and drop a new file in and save. No more worries that link can be lost since the file is attached to the assignment, there is no link to get broken. When a student clicks the file they are prompted to save.