Lactation Support Procedure


The terms “breastfeeding students/employees,” “nursing students/employees,” and “lactating students/employees” are used interchangeably and are intended to include any student or employee who expresses milk for the nourishment of their child.

Designated Lactation Spaces

Central Community College shall provide private rooms that are accessible to breastfeeding students/employees. Restrooms may not be classified as designated lactation spaces. The private room/space shall be shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public.

Designated Private Room/Space on Campus:

  1. Columbus – Room 505 (Resource Center) 
  2. Grand Island – Room 202
  3. Hastings – Room E328 (Dawson Building)

In buildings where space is limited and space identified for lactation is designated as a dual-purpose room (e.g., lactation and general College business), the first priority for use of the room/space shall be for the breastfeeding mother.  See the Learning Center Manager to identify available room/space.

Private Room/Space at Centers (semi-private):

  1. Kearney – Room 111
  2. Lexington – Dual purpose, see Learning Center Manager
  3. Holdrege – Dual purpose, see Learning Center Manager
  4. Ord – Dual purpose, see Learning Center Manager 

Students and employees can utilize designated lactation spaces as needed, as these rooms do not require a key or reservation.

Lactation Breaks


  • Students will make reasonable efforts to pump between classes or outside of instruction time.
  • Students who must pump during a portion of their class period shall inform the instructor of the need and estimated time away from class as soon as possible.
  • Instructors are prohibited from penalizing breastfeeding students for their absence related to lactation. Students should register with Disability Services for lactation breaks/needs.
  • Instructors and students shall work together to identify solutions for making up in-class work or participation credits, as well as instruction missed.
  • If problems arise, or a student must miss class for longer periods of time due to medical necessity, the student or instructor may contact Disability Support Services for assistance with establishing reasonable accommodations.


  • Breastfeeding employees shall be granted reasonable breaks, using their normal break periods and meal times to pump, plus additional time if needed. 
  • Time required beyond the usual breaks is considered non-compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The employee shall work with their immediate supervisor to make up the lost time or use vacation.

Reasonable breaks for lactation are provided for a period of one year after the child’s birth.


Breastfeeding is permitted in any classroom, campus building, or space that the breastfeeding mother and infant/child are otherwise permitted to be present, per Nebraska State Law.


Any member of the Central Community College community may report a violation of this procedure to any supervisor, instructor, or Title IX Coordinator. Supervisors and instructors are responsible for promptly forwarding such reports to the Title IX Coordinator.