Rebecca Godfrey

Encouraging Determination

Rebecca Godfrey

Be determined. Don’t give up and don’t let setbacks discourage you.

Though it may not happen very often, the stories of people who start out at CCC in an ELS course are quite amazing. Such is the story of Rebecca Godfrey.

Originally from Nigeria, Godfrey arrived in Nebraska in 2016 and the next year she enrolled in a GED course. What Godfrey did not understand is that completing the GED is a process that takes some time.

In order to help pass the time, Godfrey enrolled in the certified nurse assistant course, a for-credit course. When she finished that course, she then enrolled in the medication aide course. At that point, Godfrey was just getting started.

“Now, I’m through with the GED and I plan to enroll in the LPN (licensed practical nurse program),” said Godfrey. “I hope to work with that and then go farther, because I intend to be a midwife.”

When asked who her favorite instructor was or is, Godfrey is quick to say that they are all her favorite because of the encouragement they gave her, both in class and out of class.

“I wouldn’t have made it without them, because they gave me a lot of materials to work on,” said Godfrey. “When I had problems with accommodations, they helped me find a place to stay.”

As Godfrey looks to a bright future, she now has her own encouraging words for anyone who may wonder if they could be successful.

“Be determined,” said Godfrey. “Don’t give up and don’t let setbacks discourage you.”