Night Degree

Education plays a key role in advancing your career, but finding the time for classes can be a real challenge. Now you can meet that challenge through our Business Administration degree offered at night. You can earn an associate of applied science degree in business administration at any of our campuses.

Classes are offered through a combination of online and in-class lectures. You’ll meet one night a week from 7 to 8:50 p.m. so you can take advantage of our student services or personal tasks before class. Courses are offered in eight-week sessions throughout the year, allowing you to start the program during any eight-week session.

We know you are committed to continuing your education. That’s why we have committed to helping you reach your goal by scheduling all of the courses you need to finish your degree in two years.


Business Administration

Fall (1) 2022

1st 8-Weeks 

  • BSAD 1050 Intro to Business (Required)
  • BSAD 1570 Business Legal Issues and Ethics (Required)
  • ENGL 1010 Comp I (Group A Gen Ed.)

2nd 8-Weeks 

  • BSAD 2010 Managerial Communications (Required) 
  • BSAD 2410 Advertising (Any CCC Course)

Spring (1) 2023

1st 8-Weeks 

  • BSAD 2520 Principles of Marketing (Required)
  • ENTR 1050 Intro to Entrepreneurship (Any from A,B, C, D or E Gen Ed)

2nd 8-Weeks 

  • BSAD 2540 Principles of Mgt. (Required)
  • BSAD 1360 Personal Financial Planning (Program Elective)

Summer (1) 2023 

Summer 1 

  • INFO 1120 Microcomputer Applications (Any from A,B, C, D or E Gen Ed) Online
  • MATH 1060 Business Math (Group B Gen Ed)

Fall (2) 2023 

1st 8-Weeks 

  • ACCT 1100 Applied Accounting (Required, Full-Term) 
  • BSAD 1410 Sales Techniques (Program Elective)
  • ECON 2120 Principles of Microeconomics (Required)

Spring (2) 2024

1st 8-Weeks 

  • BSAD 1920 Leading & Motivating (Required)
  • BSAD 2450 International Business (Required)

2nd 8-Weeks 

  • BSAD 2510 Supervisory Management (Program Elective)
  • BTEC 2510 Social Media Planning (Program Elective)

Summer (2) 2024 

Summer 2 

  • PSYC 1150 Human Relations (Group C, D or E Gen Ed.) Online
  • BSAD 2900 Business Administration Capstone (Required) Online

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