Music Scholarships

Our ensembles are well-known around Nebraska for their musical excellence. Our graduates have successfully gone on to play and sing in the best four-year college ensembles in the state. Our goal is to always perform at the highest level and to foster great friendships throughout our membership.

Scholarships are available to all students regardless of their major. The audition process is simple and can be done in person or via video. We know just the thought of auditions can be stressful so our approach is centered around getting to know the student and setting them up for success. We are here to help and want students continue their passion for music in college.

Audition Expectations:

Vocal Music Audition

- Sing the first verse of “My Country Tis of Thee” in a comfortable range
(sopranos and tenors usually start on A or F, Basses and Altos on D)

- Tell a joke

Instrumental Music Audition

-Play something you’re already working on that shows us what you can do!

- It can be Concert/Pep Band Music, your District Music Contest Solo, or whatever puts your best foot forward

Scholarship and Ensemble Audition Application

Audition Type

About the Ensembles

  • Spectrum
  • Concert Band and College Choir

Audition Information

All students must audition and be formally accepted prior to enrollment.


Students selected for Spectrum must enroll for Small Ensemble-Vocal (MUSC 1620, CC100) and College Chorus (MUSC 1410, CC100).  If you need help enrolling, contact Jeff Kitson.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 to 11:50 a.m. in room 717, Fine Arts Center.

Performances and Repertoire

Spectrum performs in and around the Columbus community each semester in addition to participating in two main stage concerts with the College Chorus. Spectrum’s repertoire focuses on songs better suited to a smaller ensemble.

Travel Opportunities

Spectrum performs in Lincoln nearly annually. We’ve also performed in Omaha and around the state. Every few years is a major travel year (New York, etc.). This is decided based on opportunity, talent and interest level.


If you have specific questions, please contact Jeff Kitson at 402-562-1270 or email him at

Concert Band and College Choir

Concert Band and the College Choir are open to all students without a formal audition; however, there will be a brief assessment of your skills at or before the first rehearsal. Band students must be able to read music and play a concert band instrument (pianists are welcome to play keyboard percussion). Choir students must be able to match pitch in all three vocal registers (high, middle and low) and demonstrate a few simple musical exercises.