Monarch Watch

male monarch on pink flowersCaptivating not only for aesthetics, but also because of their jaw-dropping migrations, monarchs are some of the most widely recognizable butterflies in the United States. CCC is contributing to research efforts in order to track monarch numbers by tagging both wild and reared specimens for release.

Upon capture or emergence, butterflies are tagged using a small, sticker. The sticker is placed on the lower, hind, discal cell and does not harm the butterfly or impede flight. Data is collected, recorded and the butterflies are released. Each sticker is printed with a unique serial number.

The Monarch populations are generational, meaning over a season, multiple generations will flourish. The last generation of the season will be the generation to migrate south, and will well outlive the prior generations of the season. The final generation will also create the first generation to migrate north for the next season.

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Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis

Tag and Release


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