Media Arts

Program Locations: Hastings Campus
Program Level: Certificate, Diploma, Associate
Department: Communications and Information Systems

Our Media Arts program is dedicated to providing you with the educational opportunities, creative environment and professional experience necessary for students planning careers in broadcasting, graphic arts, social media, multimedia, photography and video production. Our program is unique because it merges these fields into one course of study. You’ll have the opportunity to concentrate on a specialization while still being exposed to other media specialties. An added benefit to the media arts program is the practical experience each student receives in operating our campus radio station KCNT-FM (88.1), completing graphic design projects, working in the media arts’ video production facility and working on a student-designed-and-managed website.

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Program Options

Associate of Applied Science



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Course Sequence by Specialization

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What will it cost?
How long will it take?

Finish in 2 years by completing 14-18 credits a semester for 4 semesters

The length of time to complete a program is based on a student taking only the courses required for the program as listed in our online catalog. It does not include the cost of foundations courses that may be required based on assessment scores, retaking courses or taking courses that are not required by your program of study.

Your adviser will develop a plan of study to meet your personal needs.