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Hastings Housing

Hastings Residence Hall tour with Taylor and Alex


Clay Hall

This coed hall houses 90 students. The carpeted, two-person and three-person rooms offer individual heating and air conditioning units and beautiful mirrored and tiled sink areas. Furnishings in each room include built-in closet space, extra-long single bunking beads, desks and chairs. 

Clay is designed with rooms located off two main hallways with community restrooms and computer labs in each of the wings. The center of the facility houses a large lobby offering a TV lounge and study area, kitchen laundry facilities and public rest rooms. 

Boone, Colfax, and Valley Halls

These two-story residence halls are divided into sections to provide privacy for students. Each section includes a furnished TV lounge, kitchenette, a bathroom and four two-person bedrooms. 

Bedrooms are furnished with a wardrobe, desks and chairs, three-drawer chests and extra-long single beds that can be bunked. 

Computer labs, laundry facilities and main kitchens are located in each hall. First-floor sections have small patios while second floor sections have individual balconies. Valley, Boone and Colfax provide housing for 174 students.

Franklin Hall

This hotel-style hall provides triple-occupancy space for 45 students. 

The carpeted rooms feature individual heating and air conditioning units. They are furnished with closets, desks, chairs, blinds, televisions and extra-long twin beds. 

The lobby area offers television viewing, laundry and kitchen facilities and a computer lab. 

This facility may offer triple occupancy as needed. 

Greeley Hall

This coed hall houses 90 students in carpeted, individually cooled and heated rooms. 

Greeley is designed with rooms located off two main hallways, separated by a large lounge area. 

Within the lounge area students can access a TV room, study area,computer lab, the front desk, kitchen area, laundry facilities and public restrooms. 

These triple-occupancy rooms are arranged two rooms to a suite, sharing a full bathroom, rooms include extra-long single beds, desks and chairs, chests and ample closet space. 

Hastings Campus Dorm Rooms

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We have residence halls on our Columbus and Hastings Campuses. Off-campus, privately-owned apartments are conveniently located near the Grand Island Campus. 

For more information on housing near the Hastings Campus

Toll-free for all locations: 1-877-222-0780.
Hastings Campus Housing Office
402-461-2410 or 402-461-2432