Grand Island Housing

Off-Campus Living in Grand Island

Privately-owned Apartments

Although the Grand Island campus does not operate on-campus residence halls, there are options for housing at one of the many privately-owned apartment complexes in the city. Whether you’re looking for a onebedroom apartment or a place to share, we’re confident you’ll find the right fit in our rapidly-growing community. Public transportation can also be arranged for convenient access to CCC. Please visit for additional resources.

Statement of Disclosure

This list of properties has been compiled to assist Central Community College students in finding appropriate housing in the city of Grand Island. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of options. Prices are subject to change. Other useful resources are the Grand Island Independent, or local listings. Students are responsible to inspect the property as CCC is not endorsing any specific properties for students by this listing. Central Community College-Grand Island disclaims any responsibility for, but not limited to, the condition of any premise, terms or any lease of any landlord or compliance with any applicable zoning ordinances.

Autumn Park Apartments
3720 State Street | Grand Island, NE 68803

The Meadows Apartment Homes
2502 N Webb Rd., Suite A | Grand Island, NE 68803

Bellwood Square
2222 Bellwood Dr | Grand Island, NE 68801

Talon Apartments
200 E. Hwy 34 | Grand Island, NE 68801

Piccadilly Square Apartments
3023 West Stolley Park Rd | Grand Island, NE 68801

Cherry Park, East Park, Cedar Ridge, Old Walnut

Continental Gardens
3111 W. College Street | Grand Island, NE 68803

Normandy Townhouse & Apartments
1524 Coventry Lane | Grand Island, NE 68801

Southern Meadows Apartments
2831 Wortman Dr. | Grand Island, NE 68801
Mary McCain, On-site Manager

Riverbend Apartment Homes
(Income Guidelines Section 42 Tax Credit Housing)
117 Lakeview Circle | Grand Island, NE 68803


We have residence halls on our Columbus and Hastings Campuses. Off-campus, privately-owned apartments are conveniently located near the Grand Island Campus. 

For more information on housing near the Grand Island Campus

Toll-free for all locations: 1-877-222-0780.
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