Create an Account Instructions

Create a CCC account

We prefer all fields on the form are completed. This will help us effectively communicate with students – and eliminate duplicates in our system.

The fields indicated with an asterisk * are required fields. If these fields are not completed, an error message will appear.

There are formatting rules for fields with phone numbers and date of birth. An error message will appear if these fields are not formatted correctly. 

Some fields on the form are conditional, which means you will only see certain fields based on how other questions were answered.  

Start at CCC homepage then click the Apply Now tab.

Please use legal name(s) where indicated. For example, Samantha, not Sam; James, not Jim; Robert not Bob. If the student has a preferred name, they can list it in the Chosen Name Options area. 

High School students will need to click the Add button to add their high school information.

When they click add, detailed instructions will appear. They will need to complete each step to attach their school. (This is very important for the reports we run).

The student will know if their school was selected when it appears in the High School field (see example below). They will then need to complete the rest of the section Attended From and Actual/Anticipated Graduation fields.

In the Campus Visit section, if the student would like to schedule a visit, they should answer yes to this question.

Current high school students who are planning to take an Early College course should answer the ”Your Plans” Section as follows:

  1. The first drop-down box, select "High School student taking a college course."
  2. I plan to graduate in: Select the year the student will graduate from High School.
  3. I plan to start these courses in the: Select the term in which the student plans to take their first EC course while in high school. For example, a Junior in high school in Fall 2022 (2024 graduate) who is taking their first early college course (of their Junior year) – would simply select Fall.
  4. I plan to start college in: Select the Fall Term following their Senior Year (for example a 2024 graduate would select Fall 2024). 

For the Primary Program of Interest and Location Section: Please have the student look over the programs and select one that might be of interest. If they do select a program, they may receive marketing material from CCC. They can also select "course only" or "undecided" from the drop-down box.

After the form is completed – Click the Create Account button. If there are any field errors, the student will need to correct the errors before the form will submit successfully.

Once submitted, it will bring them to the “My Account” page which will be personalized with their information.

If they plan to attend CCC after graduation, they should complete an application to the College. They can do so by clicking on Create a New Application. Ideally, this would happen in the Fall of their Senior year. Also – once their account has been processed – their CCC ID Number will populate as shown below.