Due Process Procedures

Hearing Procedures

Within ten college working days of receipt of the Dean’s decision the student shall be entitled to a hearing. The student must submit the request for a hearing in writing within ten days to the Campus President. The request will be forwarded to a hearing committee appointed by the Campus President composed of an administrator, a student, and a faculty member who will review all the testimony and render a decision within ten college working days of the committee’s receipt of the request.

The student shall be entitled to:

  • A meeting before the hearing committee.
  • At least two days before the hearing, a written statement of the charges and proposed disciplinary action will be provided.
  • At least two days before the hearing, the names of witnesses who will testify.
  • At least two days before the hearing, an opportunity to inspect any affidavits or exhibits the College intends to submit at the hearing.
  • The right to be represented by counsel at their expense.
  • The opportunity to present the student’s own version of the facts, by personal statements as well as affidavits and witnesses.
  • The right to hear evidence against the student and question adverse witnesses.
  • The right, at the student’s own expense, to make a record of the hearing.
  • A written statement of the hearing committee findings will be furnished to the student not more than ten college working days following the meeting.
  • The right to appeal the decision to the Campus President by making a request in writing within ten college working days of the issuance of the decision of the hearing committee. The Campus President will review the record and evidence without further hearing, and issue a decision.

The student will be notified in writing of the hearing committee’s decision within ten working days of the said decision. Upon completion of the hearing, the committee may deny the request, change a finding of guilty to a finding of innocent, or modify the penalty. The committee’s findings will be submitted to the Campus President for review and appropriate action.