Copyright Information

Copyright Law

Do you download music, movies or books online? If so, make sure you are doing it legally or there can be serious consequences!

What is the law? 

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) is a federal law designed to protect the authors of intellectual works such as books, movies and music and prohibits sharing these files.

Copying and sharing someone else’s work may violate an author’s rights even when you are not selling the copies.

What about peer-to-peer file sharing programs?

Central Community College forbids the use of all peer-to-peer applications on the college network and computers.

What should I do?

Immediately stop downloading copyrighted material illegally. To comply with the law and to protect yourself from possible litigation, we strongly encourage you to remove illegally obtained copyrighted material from your computer.

List of legal alternatives and legitimate download services