Beauty of Diversity

The Beauty of Diversity project was created by the Central Community College (CCC) Multicultural Resource Center. The project showcases real CCC students and their stories. CCC students are diverse not just by ideals, appearance, race, and culture, but also by how they think, live their lives, and express their thoughts. CCC welcomes all kinds of people; everyone can belong here! 

The students featured in this project represent different ages, racial identification, upbringing, interests, program of study, cultural self-awareness, and thoughts. They showed courage by sharing their stories and accepting the vulnerability that comes with opening up to the process. They desire to be part of increasing tolerance at CCC and to help others not to feel alone. Each of them has experienced life’s highs and lows. They want us to trust, confide in and respect each other as we experience college and life. Together we can learn, innovate, and collaborate, and avoid discouragement.